Christmas Nails: 8 Festive Designs to Try Right Now

Christmas Nails

Christmas is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to add some glam not only to your clothes and your shoes but also to your nails!

The holidays are the perfect excuse to get creative and add some color to your life with fun nail designs that you can either do yourself or ask a nail technician to do. If you are looking for some last-minute inspiration for your 2021 Christmas nails, we got you! Check out these eight one-of-a-kind designs:

1. Minimalistic Emerald Chic


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Simple lines can turn festive by adding the right colors such as green, white, and glitter, like with this set. To make sure the color stands out, use a neutral or nude base and then add the lines in the colors you desire. We highly recommend using reds, greens, and whites to capture the Christmas vibe.

2. Red Hot Holiday Nails


This design is perfect for unabashed Christmas lovers that want to show everyone how much they enjoy the holidays. Perfect for long nails (acrylics or your natural ones) these festive and fun nails use a stamping technique that can be created at home or with your favorite nail artist. Check out the caption for instructions and products used.

3. Jingle Blues


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Have you ever considered a shade of blue for your Christmas manicure? Now you will! Check out how chic yet festive this design looks without using the traditional reds and greens we are used to seeing with Christmas nails. If you decide to go for this style, we recommend you to keep the following color formula: nude base + blue tone + white details.

4. Red All the Way


Let’s play with different tones of red and a different design on each finger. Try one with glitter, another one with french, then add some rhinestones to another one and one with your favorite shade of red. The combinations and possibilities are endless!

5.  Gingerbread Inspo


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This is perfect for girls that love neutrals on their nails. Neutral doesn’t mean boring anymore, and for the holidays, you can try a gingerbread man-inspired manicure using browns, pinks, and nudes and adding glitter. It doesn’t have to be a super extravagant or complicated design either. Simple lines and doodles work perfectly if they’re done with the right colors.

6. Nudes and Dots


This is the perfect holiday style for girls that like subtle nail art. The combination of nudes and tiny dots, made with nail polish or with rhinestones, makes your nails look festive and fancy! If you want to get this look, we recommend you to keep your nails long and to use seasonal colors, like green, red, and white.

7. Candy Cane Nails


What’s more Christmas-y than candy canes? They’re a sweet reminder from your childhood. And now you can have them on your nails too with this fun design! If you opt for this design, make sure you have a bright cherry-red tone and a very neutral tone (with no pink undertone) for the nude nails, so the red can really stand out.

8. Sweater Weather


These nails embody your favorite Christmas sweater and favorite pajamas. It’s more complex, so we highly recommend you to have an expert to do it, since the details are what make the design unique and special.

Which of the Christmas nails do you like most? Let us know in the comments.



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