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Best vegan nail polish

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You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite shades or long-lasting wear in order to support cruelty-free nail polish brands. In addition to not testing on animals or using animal-derived ingredients in their formulas, vegan nail polishes are usually plant-based and free of harsh ingredients.

Ahead, you’ll find everything you need to know about vegan nail polishes, including our top picks for cruelty-free nail polishes that come in amazing shades and are long-lasting and chip-resistant.

What is vegan nail polish?

Vegan nail polish is a type of nail polish that does not use animal-derived ingredients in their formulas and is not tested on animals during formulation. Brands that offer vegan and cruelty-free beauty products typically abstain from using suppliers that test on animals as well. Vegan nail polishes tend to exclude harsh ingredients from their formulas while offering vibrant and long-lasting color options. Vegan nail polishes are often available in fragrance-free and plant-based formulas as well, making them great options for those with skin sensitivities or eco-friendly beauty lovers. Some vegan nail polish brands will be Leaping Bunny Approved, which is the gold-standard certification for vegan and cruelty-free beauty products.

Which brands have vegan nail polishes?

The following eight brands offer nail polishes with vegan and cruelty-free nail polish formulas:

Vegan Nail Polish

1. Nailtopia

Nailtopia offers cruelty-free nail polish shades (including base and top coat and polish remover options) that are created with bio-sourced ingredients. This means that their products are formulated with sustainable and vegetable-based ingredients and are infused with superfoods and naturally-derived plant proteins.

Vegan Nail Polish

2. Deco Miami

Deco Miami has a vast range of vegan and cruelty-free nail polishes that include crèmes, glitters, metallics, and even nail care products like watermelon cuticle oil, crystal nail files, cool nail stickers, and a dual-purpose top/base coat. Their shades are also available in two sizes (14.8ML and 6ML) which are great for experimenting with different shades as you build your dream varnish collection.

NCLA Beauty

3. NCLA Beauty

NCLA Beauty has a line of nail lacquers that are 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free, and are 7-free, meaning they exclude some pretty harsh ingredients usually found in nail polishes, like formaldehyde and xylene. In addition to cruelty-free polishes, NCLA also offers cuticle oils, base and top coats, and color-coordinated sets.

4. Cirque Colors 

Cirque Colors has proven that innovative formulas don’t have to be tested on animals. Cirque Color’s line of vegan nail polishes includes a few thermal options that change color according to the temperature. You’ll never be bored with a nail polish shade that changes from shimmery blues to holographic metallics. Plus, you’ll find trendy and unique shades perfect for those jelly nails you’ve seen on your Instagram timeline and speckled shades that work great as toppers or for creating cool designs.

Vegan Nail Polish

5. Mischo Beauty

Mischo Beauty’s range of nail polishes includes everything from fun, vibrant shades to neutral basics. As if their stunning lacquer bottles weren’t enough reason to add to your vanity, these polishes are vegan and cruelty-free and are also free of fragrances and gluten that may cause some people to experience sensitivities or allergies to nail polish.

Vegan Nail Polish

6. Nails.INC

Nail.INC’s entire line of nail polishes are vegan but the brand has stepped it up when it released the first-ever 21-free vegan nail polish. The brand’s Plant Power collection is free of 21 chemicals typically found in beauty and nail products (such as sulfates and parabens) and are even Halal-friendly. The Plant Power collection (which is available in five shades and a superfood base coat) also features an ash wood cap made of sustainable and recyclable ingredients.

Smith & Cult

7. Smith & Cult

Smith & Cult’s nail polishes have a major cult following among beauty addicts thanks to their vibrant formulas, beautiful bottles, and extensive color range. Their vegan and paraben-free nail polishes include opaque, metallic, shimmer, and solid options that are perfect for all occasions.

Vegan Nail Polish

8. Spela Cosmetics 

If neutral shades are your thing, Spela Cosmetics likely has your dream polish in their collection. All of their shades are 9-Free (meaning their polishes are formulated without nine very common harsh ingredients typically found in nail polishes) and designed to look amazing on every skin tone. Neutral shades are sometimes difficult to work with but these shades are buildable, highly pigmented, and long-lasting.

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