8 Black Owned Candle Company Brands for Holiday Gifting

Black Owned Candle Company Brands

Looking for a holiday gift for your candle-obsessed friends and family members? They’re sure to love a unique candle that supports Black entrepreneurs. Ahead, we’ve rounded up eight Black owned candle company brands that are unique and perfect for holiday gifting.

From food and drink-inspired collections to elegant options for your artistic friend, you’re sure to find the perfect candles to wrap up this season.

1. Ardor Bin
Looking for elegant options for your bougie cousin? Ardor Bin’s collection of non-toxic candles are infused with plant-based ingredients. The black owned candle company brand’s candles are also vegan and made from biodegradable sources. Ardor Bin currently offers various scents, including Fleur (which puts a spotlight on floral scents) and Botanic Black (which features earthy and woodsy scents)

For your BFF with elegant vibes: Ador Bin’s Orchid Dream Candle, $42

FORVR Mood Cuffing Season

2. Forvr Mood
Launched by Beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina in 202, Forvr Mood has expanded their collection to include a diverse set of scents and designs suited for various moods, personalities and vibes. Forvr Mood’s eco-friendly candles burn for up to 65 hours and are ideal for friends who value relaxation, rest and self-care.

For the special someone in your life: Forvr Mood’s Cuffing Season Candle, $35

3. Harlem Candle Company
The Harlem Candle Company has just the thing for your BFF with an affinity for all things luxe. With burn times of up to 80 hours, these candles are infused with high-quality ingredients and inspired by culture, history and jazz. The Harlem Candle Company also offers room sprays, fragrances and candle accessories that will warm your loved one’s homes.

For the luxury lover: The Harlem Candle Company’s Josephine Candle, $45

4. Elevated Scentz
The candle expert in your life is probably looking for a scent they’ve never come across before. Elevated Scentz offers a unique range of scents featuring notes like patchouli, sea salt, nag champa, and sugared citrus. The brand’s candles are inspired by southern culture and offer complimenting linen sprays to go along with their candles.

For the parents or in-laws: Elevated Scentz Sherbet Candle, $15

5. Predominantly Black
Predominantly Black’s line of candles features breathtaking designs, packaging, and artwork. Perfect for those who are looking for a sense of healing and rejuvenation in a candle. All candles are hand-poured in Los Angeles and are animal cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

For your most artistic BFF: Predominantly Black’s Madness Candle, $35

6. Cavo
Cavo’s line of candles features mesmerizing scents (think: pineapple, coconut, bourbon notes) and fun designs. These candles will look amazing on shelves, entryways, or bedside tables. Your friends will greatly appreciate a candle that they can look forward to lighting after a long day or during their weekly self-care routine.

For the BFF who takes wash day to another level: Cavo’s Wash Day Candle, $24

7. Amora Design Studio
Help your friends and family members set their intentions with a hand-crafted candle infused with natural ingredients. Amora Design Studio’s offerings include candles infused with dried leaves, stones, and flowers. Once your friend finishes burning the candle (which burns for up to 50 hours!), they’re left with a unique crystal keepsake.

For the spiritual person in your life: Amor Design Studio’s Zest Intention Candle, $38

8. Blk Sunflower
Discover an array of unique scents and luxury options from Blk Sunflower. This brand offers handmade candles that feature both feminine and masculine scents. Blk Sunflower’s collection expands to food and drink-inspired scents, so you’re sure to find the perfect candle for the foodie in your life.

For the friend who loves sweets: Blk Sunflower’s Bougie Hot Chocolate Candle, $36

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