Tennille Murphy

Well-Traveled: Tennille Murphy

The celebrity flight attendant shares her skincare and wellbeing tips.

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hyaluronic acid vitamin c

Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid: Everything You Need to Know

Here's how to use Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine for best results.

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Tania Cascilla

Great 8: Tania Cascilla’s Favorite Skincare and Beauty Products

Tania Cascilla a.k.a. Darling Tee on her favorite makeup, skincare and more.

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Crystal Blanchette

Making Boss Moves: 4 Female Founders Share Their Best Entrepreneur Advice for 2020

How to crush it this year — we got the best entrepreneur advice for 2020 from four female founders.

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Live the Process Sky Bodysuit

The Best Gym Jumpsuits to Bring with You While Traveling

These gym bodysuits will make you 90 percent more likely to go to the gym — trust me.

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Melissa Butler

6 Indie Women Of Color-Founded Beauty Brands to Try in 2020

Six women of color-founded beauty brands that will update your makeup, skincare and wellness arsenal.

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St Regis Maldives Overwater Sunset Villa

10 Best Places I Traveled to This Year

Some of my favorite destinations in 2019 and why they should be on your "where to travel 2020" list.

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Tina Lee

Well-Traveled: Tina Lee, Of Leather and Lace

How Tina Lee creator of Of Leather and Lace shoots her larger-than-life photos around the globe.

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Glenda Decasa

Advice to My Younger Self: 5 Women Share Their Thoughts On Career, Life, and Love

Advice to younger self — five women tell us what they learned in their 20s.

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Nude Lipstick Guide: 6 Beauty Influencers Share the Shades They Love

The best nude lipsticks women of color will love.

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Adut Akech

6 Times the Fashion Industry Shocked Us With Its Racism

Racism in the fashion industry is still a problem — we're looking at six unsavory moments in the business.

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Kayla Seah

Cold Weather Fashion: 6 Influencers Show Us Their Favorite Pieces for the Season

Six fashion influencers share their cold weather fashion favorites.

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Simply Cyn

Well-Traveled: Simply Cyn

Why Cynthia Andrew created her travel and lifestyle platform Simply Cyn.

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Travel Beauty Essentials

Travel Beauty Essentials – What I Packed for Mexico

Travel beauty essentials I like to pack for hot weather.

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Natural Beauty Brand Dr.Organic Arrives in the United States

Dr.Organic brings affordable, natural beauty to the US.

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Arshia Moorjani

Arshia Moorjani: My Hair and Skincare Must-Haves

How Indian-American beauty influencer and YouTuber Arshia Moorjani takes care of dry skin and makes her own body glow recipe.

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Where to Eat in Santorini

Plan ahead with the five best restaurants in Santorini to visit in 2020.

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Fleur and Bee Rose Water Toner

10 Travel Accessories That Will Improve Any Flight

The best travel accessories Amazon has to offer that will make any long-haul flight a breeze.

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Jessica Wang

Well-Traveled: Jessica Wang

Style icon Jessica Wang shares her favorite places to travel and beauty products to bring along the way.

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Korean Wellness

Why Korean Wellness is the Next Beauty Frontier

Korean wellness is the new Korean skincare.

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Bora Bora Beauty Secrets

Do you often get mosquito bites? Tamanu oil is about to be your new best friend.

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Tyla-Lauren Gilmore

Great 8: Tyla-Lauren Gilmore and the Beauty Products She Loves

Tyla-Lauren shares her favorite skincare, beauty and hair products which help the Instagram and YouTube star look her best.

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Kimberly Cowans Skim Do

Kimberley Cowans: Queen of Curls

Meet Kimberley Cowans founder of SKIMDO, a revolutionary seven-day hold curl styling product.

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Tanyka Renee Bahamas

Well-Traveled: Tanyka Renee

How Tanyka Renee launched her platform and where she's heading to next.

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Nekupe View

Beauty Passport: Nicaragua

This verdant Latin American country beckons with fabulous spas.

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Deep Flight Falcon

5 Insane Adventure Gifts That Will Blow Your Significant Other Away

Treat that special someone in your life to one of these adventure gifts they won't ever forget.

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Berggasthaus Aescher Closing?

Is Instagram Killing Some of the World’s Most Beautiful Travel Spots?

Can places like Berggasthaus Aescher, Boracay and Venice handle the insane amount of tourists that visit each year?

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