3 New Black Owned Skincare Brands to Try This Season

Tiffany Staten, The London Grant Co.

We love to discover skincare brands and this year we got our hands on some incredible black-owned, brand-new beauty companies. If haven’t heard of them yet, Topicals, London Grant, and Like It on Top all launched in 2020 with a variety of skincare offerings. They all have one thing in common — they’re purpose-driven brands created because their founders wanted to address their own skincare concerns. Enter three beautiful, black owned skincare brands with exceptional ingredients.

We spoke to the founders about how they’re filling a void in the market, get the scoop on their formulas, and find out how their products can help you with any skin issues you might have.

Black Owned Skincare

1. The London Grant Co.

(Founder and CEO Tiffany Staten featured image)

What led you to found The London Grant Co.?
In 2016, I became pregnant with my first child and started to pay close attention to the ingredients in the products I was using. After constantly searching for effective and non-toxic products, I was disappointed to find that even products advertised as “clean” were being made with synthetic and toxic ingredients. I started to research the industry and couldn’t find any products that I thought were safe enough for my baby and me. This inspired me to create my own body butter, the Cocoa & Jojoba Body Souffle, which would eventually become the first product of the London Grant Co. Minimalist Collection.

Knowing that there was this gap in the market, I became passionate about making products to help others intentionally care for themselves. I created the Minimalist Collection to be the clean and conscious product line that so many mothers have needed.

What are the key ingredients and textures in your products? What skin and beauty benefits can customers achieve with your products?
I believe in mindfully sourcing pure, plant-based, and organic ingredients. I want to always be transparent about what is in my products and how they are sourced. More importantly, I want my customers to understand why I chose these ingredients and why they are good for your skin.

Since our products are oil and butter based, they have a smooth and creamy texture which is easily applied and absorbed, giving the body lots of nutrients for a healthy glow. Our Honey Coco Body Polish uses raw honey, Brazilian cane, and coconut palm sugars to gently exfoliate and prime the skin.

Each of our products has amazing hidden talents making them truly versatile. Our Honey Coco Body Custard is concentrated and rich, providing a radiant glow for everyday moisture. But it’s also perfect for soothing dehydrated skin from sun exposure, as a baby balm to protect against diaper rash, or as an overnight foot treatment.

Some of our key ingredients include:
– Jojoba Oil (Organic Unrefined): This is a lightweight wax that comes from jojoba plant seeds and closely mimics the natural oils in our skin (called sebum) so your body is able to absorb it well. Jojoba Oil is highly protective and allows your skin to breathe while also preventing moisture loss. It contains a fantastic combination of antibacterial and collagen-like properties that can relieve inflammation, clear pores, soften wrinkles, and stretch marks. This super oil is also great for anyone who suffers from acne, eczema, or psoriasis.
– Rosehip Oil (Organic Unrefined): Rosehip oil is extracted from the fruit and seeds of a Chile-native rose bush. Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants to provide protection from the elements while penetrating nourishment deep into the skin to help calm irritation and inflammation. One of the richest plant-based sources of vitamin C, rosehip oil can stimulate collagen and skin-cell production, having a conditioning and regenerative effect. It’s highly effective at combating the effects of hyperpigmentation to restore skin to a healthy glow.
– Hawaiian Kukui Oil (Organic Unrefined): Kukui seed oil, extracted from Hawaiian Kukui Trees, has an ancient history of being used as protection against harsh salt water, sun, and wind. Kukui oil revitalizes your skin cells by providing moisture and nourishing fatty acids. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, its soothing and protective properties make it perfect for stretch marks, eczema, and psoriasis.
– Morrocan Argan Oil (Organic Extra-Virgin): Cold-pressed from Moroccan Argan Tree nuts, argan oil acts as a natural emollient to soothe, hydrate, and protect your skin. High-quality argan oil is challenging to ethically source because it’s still fairly rare.
Argan oil is packed with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, squalene, and antioxidants some consider it to be the “holy grail of skincare” oils. Argan Oil absorbs quickly into skin to reduce and prevent redness, wrinkles, and stretch marks by improving skin elasticity.

In 2020 there’s been a push for more visibility for black-owned brands, how has this impacted your business?The recent attention on black-owned businesses has highlighted so many amazing brands, and for London Grant specifically, we have seen an increase in awareness across the board including being selected for the Village Market’s Black August: Entrepreneur Spotlight segment on Instagram Live and featured by Facebook Elevate for National Black Business Month during Wellness Week. We’ve also been listed on numerous curated Black-owned round-ups and online-events such as Magnolia Market’s Virtual Vendor Fair.

Thankfully, with the growing push to support Black-owned businesses, we’ve seen much higher demand and experienced a significant increase in sales during Q2 as a result. As retailers begin to focus on diversifying their shelves, we’re especially excited about the opportunities to expand our product reach into new markets across the country.

Black Owned Skincare

2. Topicals

What led you to found Topicals?
We both grew up with skin conditions (Claudia had severe eczema, Olamide had post-barbae folliculitis) and never found a brand that resonated with us. We always felt embarrassed about our skin conditions and used to hide our ointments because they made us feel like outsiders. Topicals is transforming the way people feel about skin by making the treatment experience more like self-care rather than a burdensome ritual. We take the focus off of having “perfect” skin and put the onus on having “funner flare-ups”.

What are the key ingredients and textures in your products?
Like Butter is a super-rich, creamy AF nighttime mask replenishes vital moisture and strengthens the skin barrier for skin so soft you won’t believe it’s not butter.
– Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory; reduces itch and redness
– Madecassoside (Centella Asiatica Extract): accelerates wound healing, fortifies skin barrier through collagen & fibronectin production, anti-inflammatory
– Colloidal Oatmeal: helps to soothe itch and irritation
– Chinese Rhubarb Root: decreases levels of hyperactive immune cells, antimicrobial
– Ginseng Root: anti-inflammatory; reduces itching, inflammation, and swelling
– Turmeric: anti-inflammatory, shortens wound-healing time, improves collagen deposition

Faded is a silky serum that targets multiple skin discoloration mechanisms to help fade present and future dark marks of all kinds.
– Tranexamic Acid: prevents melanocyte tyrosinase activation, and excess vascular development (pathogenesis of melasma)
– Kojic Acid: inhibits melanocyte tyrosinase function
– Azelaic Acid: prevents tyrosine conversion to melanin; scavenges free radicals
– Licorice Root: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, melanin-degrading, and tyrosinase-inhibiting capability
– Centella Asiatica: anti-inflammatory, scavenges free radicals
– Niacinamide: limits melanocyte stimulation, scavenges free radicals
– Melatonin: anti-inflammatory, inhibits melanocyte activity

What skin and beauty benefits can customers achieve with your products?
Even if you don’t have a skin condition like eczema or hyperpigmentation, Like Butter can improve your skin’s moisture barrier and Faded can brighten your skin tone. All of our ingredients have been carefully selected to be safe and effective for all skin tones, especially darker skin.

In 2020 there’s been a push for more visibility for Black-owned brands, how has this impacted your business?There was an overwhelming amount of support during our launch that led to our products being sold-out within 48 hours of our Nordstrom launch.

Editor’s Note: Claudia Teng is the other co-founder of Topicals, making it a Women of Color-founded brand

Like It On Top Skincare

3. Like It On Top

What led you to found Like It On Top?
Like It On Top was created after successfully controlling our own acne outbreaks by using all-natural and vegan ingredients. We wanted to share our products in the hope it would help others too.

What are the key ingredients and textures in your products?
All of our products are natural and vegan friendly which in turn are gentler on the skin. People with sensitive skin may find these products beneficial as we use fewer ingredients that aggravate any skin conditions.

Our signature scent is lemongrass as it offers a whole host of benefits including purifying and detoxing properties. We want our customers’ skin to feel clean and clear which is why it’s our all-time favorite scent.

At Like It On Top we favor oils and serums as they are perfect for sensitive and dry skin. These textures deeply hydrate and restore the skin as they slowly penetrate the deeper layers of your skin.

In 2020 there’s been a push for more visibility for Black-owned brands, how has this impacted your business?
We have definitely seen increased support with initiatives like Black Pound Day to help support smaller brands like ours. It’s clear how much of a significant impact it has in the industry and we hope it’s not limited to one day a month.

What skin and beauty benefits can customers achieve with your products?
Our goal is healthy skin, not perfect skin, so we hope that customers can achieve this with Like It On Top.

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