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Fashionable couple Karuna Israni and Alistair D’Cruz are the perfect blend of wanderlust and style which they showcase on their blog, What We Wore. When you follow their travels, you’ll visit beautiful locations in places like Tulum, Miami, Athens, and their hometown Toronto, but it’s not the places that are enticing, their outfits are also visually intriguing. We spoke to half of the sartorial duo about their signature minimalist chic aesthetic and found out more about what it means to be a travel couple on Instagram.

How did you and Alistair meet?
Karuna Israni: We met in eighth grade and quickly became best friends, but didn’t “get together”, so to speak, until 11th grade in high school. Years later we discovered that we’d both had crushes on each other at different times over the years since we first became friends — never at the same time, though, until 2010.

What We Wore Blog

When did you decide to start take photos together/start a website?
We decided to start our blog in 2015, out of sheer boredom in our senior year of university. We have both always been interested in fashion and personal style, and figured it was something worth sharing even if it was just with our immediate friends and family in the beginning. We thought long and hard about the right way to launch What We Wore for months before finally launching at the end of summer, and it’s been such a crazy, unexpected ride in the best way possible ever since!

Who shoots your images? And how do you recommend taking the perfect couple shot?
For the most part, we shoot photos of each other and a trusty tripod shoots our couple shots, although we do occasionally work with some very talented photographers. Our number one piece of advice is to have fun in the moment and try to forget that camera is on you — laugh, joke, have fun as you normally would and the camera will pick that up. Some of our favorite pictures have been those captured mid-laugh, secretly sharing an inside joke before the camera shutter goes off.

What are your favorite posts on the site and why?
Probably our travel posts because they allow us to relive the best moments from our trips in such great detail. They’re always fun to write, but also great to revisit.

Your fashion sense gravitates towards minimalism, where do you like to shop?
Although I love high street fashion from Zara, H&M, and the like, I thoroughly enjoy shopping for vintage/pre-owned clothing at thrift stores, or online on Depop. Alistair is also a big fan of high street stores, but his favorite shopping destination for the last year or two has been Massimo Dutti — think elevated high street, not mass-produced on such a grand scale.

What We Wore Blog

You moved from Dubai to Toronto, what changes did you experience? What do you miss about Dubai? What do you love about Toronto?
We definitely misjudged how much of an adjustment the move would be, and will be transparent in saying that that adjustment took years. Dubai was the only home we’d both ever known and it still is our first home. We never miss a chance to go back because we’ll never stop missing our family and friends, the warm weather, and the incredible food. That being said, after six years in the city, Toronto had secured its place in our hears as our second home. It’s the city in which we did a lot of real growing up, and in which we made our own little chosen family. Favorite things about Toronto? The incredible friends we’ve made who may come from many different walks of life, but with whom we still have so much in common with, and of course we love fall in the city.

You recently traveled to Portugal, what were your favorite things to do there?
It was unreal. I don’t know why but I’d never thought about Portugal much and had no expectations for this trip, which is probably why it was even more of a pleasant surprise. We visited Porto, Albufeira, and Lisbon (for wine, water, and wandering, respectively). Porto is fantastic for soaking up culture and history as you sip on the regions port wine. Albufeira is the best place to kick your feet up and let all your stress melt away — a charming old town on the seaside with great people and ample nightlife. Lisbon has perfectly preserved its history alongside more contemporary elements of the city’s arts, food, and music scene. I think the best decision we made was to take a free walking tour of each city on each of our first days in Porto and Lisbon, to get the lay of the land and get a sense of what we might want to see more or less of on the remaining days. Plus, the tour guides are very well informed and open to any questions you might have — so this is a great way to get recommendations for food or drinks, culture, or nightlife, for the remainder of your trip.

What are you excited to wear this fall/winter?
Layers as always, but we’re also excited to experiment with more color — autumnal hues like burnt orange, mustard, and deep greens, but also some unexpected hues like periwinkle/powder blue, and lilac. Everyone loves the quintessential fall shades like burgundy and navy blue but we’re excited to move outside our comfort zones this season.

What’s your advice for people who want to start a style blog?
Start a blog because you want to share something you love, be reasonably consistent when posting but make sure to maintain a balance between living online and offline, and have fun with it. There are times we’ve gotten bogged down with the scheduling, and logistics, and numbers, and administration of it all but truthfully, our audience resonates with and responds best to candid content, personal anecdotes, and pictures in which we are genuinely just being ourselves and having a good time.

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