Rana Recommends: Healing Waters Massage

Healing Waters Massage

As a travel writer (which is my day job when I’m not working on Naïra NYC) I get to experience some of the world’s most beautiful hotel properties and many luxurious treatments offered on-site. I recently ticked a destination I’ve always wanted to visit off my list — the Maldives. I stayed at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa and the experience was everything you would imagine and more; luxe overwater bungalows, turquoise water and incredible cuisine. It’s also home to a stunning spa which is only accessible by boat (see below). There I had a slightly unusual but very memorable massage called Healing Waters which was unlike any other treatment I’ve previously had. I highly recommend you get this if you ever visit the property.

Kuda Huraa Spa

The goal of the massage is to help guests “restore their primal connection to the sea and reconnect with the essence of their true self.” Upon arrival you’ll be introduced to your massage therapist who will guide you to lay down a warm cushion of water (oddly called a “bladder” which I promise is the only unappealing part of the massage) on which you’ll relax face up on for the next hour. You’ll choose a scented oil which will be used to massage your body and can pick from soothing or invigorating scents. I chose coconut to underscore the overall island vibes and settled into this indulgent, warm experience. My therapist Anastasia moved my limbs around on the cushion and simultaneously massaged me which has an incredible tension-releasing effect. The treatment is designed to have deep therapeutic impact in a minimum amount of time. Since the cushion is quite warm you end up sweating quite a bit which can help you feel detoxified, in particular after a long flight. It’s a very fluid experience full of relaxing motions that will lull you into a very zen state.

Secrets of the Sea Night Spa

I recommend this experience for people who like a softer massage, this one involves significantly less pressure than a Swedish or Thai massage. It’s also a real treat if you like warm experiences as the temperature helps release any additional tension. Healing Waters is good on its own or can be part of a larger nighttime experience called Night Spa Ritual: Secrets of the Sea. It spans 150 minutes and you’ll enjoy a Gigartina beauty bath, Bach flower essence wrap, Kuda Huraa Healing Waters Massage and Vagus face treatment. You’ll go straight to bed feeling completely pampered after this experience.


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