Why Probiotics Like Tula Probiotic Skincare Are the Hottest Skincare Ingredient

Tula Probiotic Skincare

This year probiotic skincare has been flying off the shelves. For years we’ve all heard about how great probiotics are for our gut and subsequently our immune system, but it turns out probiotics are also excellent for our skin. While we might have sneered at applying probiotics (microorganisms such as bacteria) to our skin in the past, we now understand how the minuscule microbes benefit our skin’s health making it look more beautiful along the way. If you’re not using them on your skin yet, here’s why you want to get on the probiotic skincare trend.

What are probiotics?
Our skin has its own microbiome which is filled with microorganisms and bacteria. Probiotics are an essential part of the microbiome and help maintain our skin’s balance and overall health. Our skin features a mixture of resident bacteria which can be categorized as good and is exposed to transient bacteria which can be considered bad. The most important thing for our skin’s health is to strike a balance between the two — interestingly our good bacteria can become bad when you no longer have a have exposure to the bad kind.

How do probiotics benefit our skin?
There are many benefits to using probiotics on your skin. They can help restore pH balance on your skin and also strengthen its outside layer to protect it from external and environmental damage. Probiotics can help your skin feel less dry and helps it retain hydration. They can also help sensitive skin feel less irritated. No matter what your skin type, probiotics help give your skin radiance and vitality by making it healthier overall.

5 Probiotic Skincare Products We Love

TULA Day Night Cream

1. Tula Probiotic Skincare – Hydrating Day & Night Cream
Just like our gut needs bacteria to function properly, our skin operates at its peak when it is properly nourished. Tula Probiotic Skincare day and night cream is filled with natural probiotics and superfoods (turmeric and blueberries) and filled with Vitamin A and C. This Tula Probiotic Skincare cream creates a protective layer on your skin, helps soothe your complexion and also gives it an extra glow. Lots of people say it’s the best probiotic moisturizer out there.

Biomilk Probiotic Scrub

2. Biomilk Probiotic Skincare – Clean & Detox Probiotic Scrub
Probiotics aren’t just great in moisturizers they’re also great in scrubs, like this one from Biomilk. Filled with a proprietary blend of proven probiotic strain, soy, oat, rosehip oil and biodegradable microbeads, this scrub smooths your skin without disrupting its natural balance. Use this product weekly to remove impurities and reveal clear skin.

Marie Veronique PreProbiotic Daily Mist

3. Marie Veronique Pre+Probiotic Daily Mist
If your skin gets irritated easily you’ll love this mist which helps soothe your skin with micronutrients that encourage microbial diversity. This spray contains both pre- and probiotics which is great. What does that mean exactly? Pre-biotics feed Probiotics to keep the skin’s ecosystem in check so you’re getting the full package of microorganisms with this product. It also contains coconut water which is anti-inflammatory and hydrating.

LaFlore Probiotic Serum

4. LaFlore Probiotic Concentrated Serum
This serum is the full package – it contains pre-, pro- and post-biotics which all work to strengthen your skin’s defense system and overall health. On top of that this aloe-based serum also contains a hydrating blend of plant oils and protective antioxidants. Use this one before you go to sleep to wake up with luminous skin.

Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque

5. Eminence Organic Skin Care – Clear Skin Probiotic Masque
Keep this mask on hand as a secret weapon to calm inflamed skin and to clear breakouts. This nourishing and cleansing mask contains probiotics and lactic acid both of which work to revive tired skin and help it heal. Tea tree oil acts as an antiseptic and shea butter soothes and heals. It also contains a complex of vitamins that help give your skin an unmistakable glow.

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