Trusculpt iD Review: Everything You Need to Know

No matter how rigid you are about exercise and nutrition, you may have stubborn fat pockets that don’t seem to budge irrespective of what you do. Not too long ago you would have needed an invasive treatment like liposuction to get rid of an area like that, but recently several non-invasive, zero downtime treatments have come on the market with promising results. One of them is Trusculpt iD.

For my wedding last year, I was very open to trying more rigorous beauty treatments than usual, so I selected to do Trusculpt iD on my inner thighs. I exercise frequently and have a relatively healthy diet but that area of my body seemed extremely resistant to change. I visited Manhattan Aesthetics to get the treatment (it was one of the first places in the United States to offer it) and can give you the scoop on everything that happens during TrusculptiD. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Trusculpt iD?
Trusculpt iD uses low-frequency monopolar radiofrequency to tackle fat deposits. It does so by penetrating deep into your adipose tissues treating the entire fat pad along the way. After your fat cells are heated, they die off and are naturally eliminated through your body. You can notice some results right after but should see full results after 12 weeks once you’ve completed the treatment. The treatment promises to both firm your skin and improve its texture on top of the body contouring it provides. During Trusculpt iD an average of 24 percent of fat cells are damaged and expelled and some patients have reported an up to 35 percent reduction.

What does Trusculpt iD feel like?
The most popular areas for Trusculpt iD are the abdomen, love handles, bra rolls, and arms. The technician, Olga, told me that my choice of inner thighs was more unusual and because it’s a more sensitive area, it might be a more intense process than other spots. The procedure is often likened to a hot stone massage which is a good comparison but to me, it felt like an extremely hot stone massage. The pads are applied to your body and then wrapped in place. You then lay down and wait for the machine to be powered on. The heat feels nice initially but it’s definitely cumulative — after a while, things get very hot, at least on your inner thighs. It’s important to note though that the machine isn’t constantly emitting heat, instead, it provides equal amounts of “on” and “off” time which makes the process more manageable.

After the process, I was able to walk around normally and run errands, so there is no downtime. Also to make sure everything went smoothly I had a follow-up appointment to ensure there was no bruising, swelling or infection.

Trusculpt iD Cost
Price varies by location but the most common price range appears to be $1500-2500.

How is Trusculpt iD Different from Coolsculpting?
The most obvious difference is that Trusculpt iD is a hot treatment while Coolscupting harnesses extremely cold temperatures to treat fat. Trusculpt iD can also cover a larger surface area at once — it can treat 3x the amount than the Coolsculpting Coolmax. There are no BMI restrictions with Trusculpt iD as there are with Coolsculpting.

The Trusculpt iD treatment is also shorter than Coolsculpting lasting just 15 minutes versus 35-60 minutes.

Trusculpt id Before and After
While I’m athletic and slender, I’ve never had a thigh gap more the opposite where my thighs were always touching. I never wanted to have a thigh gap but I also didn’t want my thighs to be able to rub together walking. After Trusculpt iD I could definitely tell a difference in the definition and shape of my thighs — there was simply less fat there! I wouldn’t expect a miracle to happen after Trusculpt iD but it’s a great procedure for someone who is trying to get rid of stubborn fat and/or someone who is looking for improvement rather than a huge change.

Featured image by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash


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