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Korean Wellness

Why Korean Wellness is the Next Beauty Frontier

Korean wellness is the new Korean skincare.

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Grace Cotton

Model Grace Cotton Talks Swimming with Pigs and Being Addicted to Donuts

We asked her about her favorite modeling gigs, places to visit and how she keeps her skin looking great.

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Hannah Grunden

Colorful and Quirky: Hannah Grunden Takes Us Into Her Stylish World

Hannah Grunden has a thing for pastels, sparkles and fluffy faux furs,

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Danielle Mareka Murray

Danielle Mareka Murray Wants to Change the World

She’s a student, model and activist with a killer sense of style and a commitment

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Lhaga Kondhoor

How Music Maven Lhaga Koondhor Discovers the Next Big Thing

How the DJ, talent booker and event organizer who masterfully merges music and ambiance.

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Shivani Persad Naïra NYC

Why Shivani Persad Is Way More Than a Model

She talks to us about her podcast and why she’s fighting to see more brown girls in media.

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Asia Beauty Haul

Asia Beauty Haul: The Good, The Bad and the Weird

It’s always fun to explore beauty stores in other countries and on a recent trip

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Latasha Alcindor

Latasha Alcindor on Art, Attitude and Her Afrolatina Roots

Brooklyn-native Latasha is famous for her ruthless rap takedowns, kaleidoscopic graphic designs and mind-blowing gigs.

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Kimberly Cowans Skim Do

Kimberley Cowans: Queen of Curls

Meet Kimberley Cowans founder of SKIMDO, a revolutionary seven-day hold curl styling product.

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