The 10 Best Tulum Hotels (At Every Price Point)

Best Hotels Tulum

There’s something magical about Tulum. From the white sand beaches to the boho vibe to verdant jungle surroundings; this Mexican destination is the perfect place to unwind. You can find an array of stunning hotels in Tulum and you don’t necessarily need to spend a ton of money to have a memorable stay. That’s the beauty of Tulum and why it attracts so many people from around the world — you can have an incredible time on a budget or truly splurge here. We’ve come up with a list of amazing Tulum hotels for everyone.

The Best Hotels in Tulum (From Budget to Baller)

Budget Hotels Tulum (Around $200 per night*)

Best Hotels Tulum

1. Casa Pueblo Tulum
Casa Pueblo Tulum is a 16-room boho-chic property that feels more like a sprawling home than a hotel. The aesthetic is minimal featuring mostly neutral colors punctuated by patterned tiles and local textiles. This hotel is not on the beach but in Tulum town but with plenty of foliage and pool areas, you’ll still soak up plenty of sunlight and will definitely feel on vacation. You’ll also make friends with the cute dogs on the property.

Best Hotels Tulum

2. Jungle Keva
Jungle Keva is an intimate, affordable property with just four lodges set among lush jungle greenery in a more remote part of Tulum. It’s all about indoor/outdoor living here — there are even plants in your bathroom to bring nature inside. This property is all about nourishing your body and soul; here you can enjoy daily yoga classes and eat freshly prepared meals featuring local ingredients. Jungle Keva hosts several retreats throughout the year if you want to deepen your yoga practice and book a vacation with a purpose. Or you can just come here to chill by the pool and relax.

Best Hotels Tulum

3. Cabañas La Luna
Lots of beachfront Tulum hotels are pricey but Cabañas La Luna is a budget-friendly exception. The property has ten cabanas — the smaller ones are perfect for couples while the larger ones can accommodate a family, there’s even a large villa (Villa Zanzibar) with a pool. This is a low-key, rustic property which plenty of hammocks to chill out in. The lively restaurant, Yuuy Tulum serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you won’t have to leave this tranquil spot at all unless you want to.

Mid-Range (Under $500 a night*)

Best Hotels Tulum

4. Nomade Tulum
As the name implies, Nomade Tulum attracts world travelers, often with a spiritual inclination. This beachfront hotel offers sound healing, yoga, hypnotic journeys, and other activities to elevate your sense of self. There’s a wide range of lodging available here from low-key glamping tents to treehouses to sprawling suites. The property has a Moroccan design touch featuring hand-spun rugs, colorful floor cushions, and hanging chandeliers. End your day here with dinner on the beach at La Popular where you can enjoy freshly-caught seafood like garlic baby squid or saffron mussels.

Best Hotels Tulum

5. Habitas
Habitas is another wellbeing and spirituality oasis (a recurring theme in Tulum) which also features an abundance of art and music programming. Located directly on the beach, Habitas is an eco-chic property where you can spend your days barefoot and carefree indulging in cocktails and massages. Here you can choose from ocean, jungle, and pool rooms to match if you would like to be woken up by waves or open your eyes to the lush jungle. Habitas is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of property where you can stay up all night or wake up for sunrise yoga every day.

Best Hotels Tulum

6. Hotel Bardo
If you’re more of a poolside person than a beach babe, Hotel Bardo is the spot for you — it has a gigantic pool with lots of lounge chairs to recline on. Located in Tulum town this hotel deviates from the common all-white neutral palette of Tulum hotels with dark, sleek exteriors. However, it still very much embodies the boho-chic vibe of the region. When you stay here, you’ll have your own villa with a pool and own outdoor area. When you’re in the mood for food or drinks you can hit up Hotel Bardo’s restaurant Milum or sip creative cocktails at the Kinky Room Bar.

Baller ($600+ a night*)

Best Hotels Tulum

7. Casa Malca
You’ve probably heard that Casa Malca used to Pablo Escobar’s home, which is true, but this hotel is so much more than its notorious past. This opulent property differs from the usual Tulum boho-chic and instead features larger-than-life artworks and surprise enclaves, like an underground “secret” pool and an above-ground tunnel leading to the beach. There’s a sushi restaurant with tasty offerings and the service at Casa Malca is the best I experienced in all of Tulum. Every corner features a surprise and the beach here is impeccable.

Best Hotels Tulum

8. La Valise
La Valise recently re-opened its doors after a fire last year forced it to close. Now the property is back and better than ever with 11 eco-chic rooms made of local materials. The rooms here are both stunning in style and size, with tall palapa roofs and open floor plans. If you’re feeling really one with nature you can even roll out your bed to sleep under the stars. The hotel is home to Nü, which was recognized as one of the five best restaurants in Riviera Maya by Travel + Leisure. Make sure to try their oven socarrat and duck in black molé.

Best Hotels Tulum

9. Azulik
Azulik is a hotel unlike any other with Mayan-style architecture using local wood to create out-of-this-world structures. This is an unplugged hotel where your room will be lit by candles at night and most rooms do not have AC. However, what they do have are incredible ocean views and nets or hot tubs for pure outdoor bliss. The water here comes directly from a cenote creating a true connection with nature and another unique feature is that the property is clothing optional. While you can unwind here from earthly constraints, this is still very much a luxury hotel. There are three restaurants; Cenote, Kin-Toh, and Tseen Ja which serve Mexican and Japanese-inspired dishes. There’s also a treetop bar offering incredible views of Tulum and very popular with well-heeled guests and people visiting the property.

Best Hotels Tulum

10. Be Tulum
Be Tulum is perfect for travelers who want to enjoy the Tulum vibe but don’t want to skip out on things that they’re usually accustomed to, namely AC, dependable Wi-Fi, and constant electricity (not always the case in Tulum). Located in the middle of the hotel zone on the beach, the rooms at Be Tulum have private pools or whirlpools. Love Mezcal? This hotel serves an array of options. If you’re more into wellness than booze there’s also a great list of smoothies and elixirs to choose from. The food menu is also varied and delicious, ranging from ceviches to pasta to pizzas.

* prices can vary according to season and availability

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