Flexi Rods: Hair Expert Jasmine Oliver Shares How to Do the Style on Natural Hair

Jasmine Oliver

Many naturals love the look of spiral wand curls but don’t want to deal with the heat damage of curling wands or even curling irons. That’s why flexi rods have become such a staple as the hair curlers that use no heat. From natural hair, wet hair, dry hair, and weaves, they can really save the day.

However, the hardest part can be getting started. From where to buy flexi rods, flexi rod sizes, and products that pair with flexi rods, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to natural hair.

Luckily, YouTuber and healthy colored-curl enthusiast, Jasmine Oliver has some key steps that help natural hair to be poppin’ after a flexi rod set.

Where to Buy Flexi Rods

Oliver explains, “When I was starting my flexi rod collection, I’d buy at the beauty supply store. Now that we live in the world of Amazon, you have everything at your fingertips. So, I would highly recommend checking Amazon first or even like Wal-Mart online, especially with everything going on.”

Oliver explains that defined curls are achievable if your hair can have a full rotation around the rod. “You want to try a smaller rod, so that you can get more rotations around the rod, which is really the essential way to make your curl,” she says.

She recommended the brand Uncle Funky’s Daughter as products to help with flexi rods as they have “this product called Curly Magic. It’s a gel, but you can use it for anything, I use it if I want to slick my hair down, but it’s mainly for great definition.”

How to Use Flexi Rods

How to Put in Flexi Rods

Oliver offers some guiding words for those struggling with their flexi rods. “How you form your hair around the flexi rod is a matter of preference. Some form their hair around the rod, taking the shape of the flexi rod right with their hair. Then, there’s what I do, which is wrapping. It gives more of that wand curl look, I call them wand curls without the heat.”

She goes on to focus on how closing each curl is difficult for many people, particularly when it comes to their roots.

“If they don’t either close the flexi right correctly, they’re left with puffy roots,” Oliver mentioned. However, she shared that once someone starts wrapping their flexi rod, as long as it’s not too loose or too tight, it’s a smooth process.

“Once it’s all set, as long as your hair is on the rod, it’s won’t matter how it managed to get in place, because it’s so bendable and that’s why they call them flexi rods.”

Blow Out and Wet Flexi Rods Styling

“I think it [blow dried hair] may be easier for someone unaccustomed to styling their natural hair and unable to manage the curls and to form into a different shape. They may have the wash n’ go down, but they don’t know how to handle their curls. Blown-out hair or air dry might be easier when getting the techniques down,” says Oliver.

She expands on that idea by sharing that most people do prefer to blow out their hair for more length and stretching.

Oliver reminds people that it’s important to be patient on their natural hair journey and avoid comparing your hair with anyone else’s.

Oliver has an E-Book called,  I Can’t Go Natural! that offers helpful tips, encouragement, and hairstyle guides for readers.

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