Lili and Cata: Step Inside New York City’s First Outdoor Nail Salon

Outdoor NYC Nail Salon

In New York City, a.k.a. the concrete jungle, spending time in a garden or green space can feel like a real treat. That’s why recently opened nail salon Lili and Cata is unlike any other nail salon in NYC — it has an outdoor garden where you can get a pedicure while listening to music and having a glass of wine. On top of that, the salon carries non-toxic lacquers which are vegan and cruelty-free, and the salon has impeccable hygiene standards. All tools used are sanitized, disinfected, and sterilized in a Clean Cube which is hospital-grade, state-of-the-art sterilization equipment. The drinks menu is also extensive featuring non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and a carefully curated wine list.

We visited this pampering destination and spoke to co-founder Lilly Rojas about why she opened the salon and what guests can expect there.

Lilly Rojas

What makes Lili and Cata a unique destination in New York City?
Lilly Rojas: What we believe makes us unique is the fact that you can get an outdoor pedicure in our beautiful backyard while having a glass of wine or just closing your eyes and relaxing while listening to the birds chirping or the rain falling around you. It’s a total escape from your day-to-day in this fast-moving city.

You have a nail saloon not salon, what does that mean exactly?
We are a nail saloon because we offer wine/beer plus all our manicure and pedicure services all under the same roof.

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Your pedicures are waterless, can you walk me through the process of a waterless pedicure?
Our waterless pedicures begin with a refreshing antibacterial spray containing essential oils to naturally disinfect. Then a warm towel is used to clean and prep your feet. The rest of the pedicure’s steps are very similar to what you would experience in a traditional pedicure with the exception of no tub. By not soaking your feet in water, we are also removing the risk of contracting infections that include fungi, bacteria, and warts. As soon as you sit in one of our comfy recliners, you’ll realize you’ll never need or miss the tub again. We guarantee it! You can also rest assured that your pedicure is eco-friendly because you will be saving 15 gallons of water that a typical pedicure usually uses.

What are the different treatments you can receive at Lili and Cata?
We offer manicures and pedicures with non-toxic polish and non-toxic gel. We have a choice of Essential, Lush and Escape services for each person to choose how little or how long they’ll like to be spoiled for. We also have Apres gel extensions which are a healthy alternative to acrylics and tips and give you those long strong nails that so many love right now. Clients can also add back, shoulder, leg massages, and eco-fin paraffin alternatives to any service. All of our services are bookable indoors or outdoors.

Lily and Cata

You have an extensive drink menu and were inspired to create a place that serves good wine. Can you tell me more about the menu?
We have a full espresso bar menu featuring City of Saints Coffee (roasted in Brooklyn), matcha from Kettl, our next-door neighbor, and various Brooklyn craft beers. We try to source all our café offerings from local purveyors, except for our wines that come from Italy.

Did you incorporate your Latinx heritage into the space?
As first-generation immigrants, we are very proud of our Latinx heritage and while our décor does not evoke any Latin motifs, you may from time to time walk into a classic salsa song, rock en Español, or Latin pop tune playing from our playlist. In addition, we make sure that our Latin hospitality is always present when our guests come to our establishment.

How can someone book Lili and Cata for groups or parties?
We are constantly getting groups of two or more coming to our salon. We love this as this is what we intended our salon to be from the get-go — a place to escape with your loved ones. For groups of five or more, you would need to email us at info@liliandcata so together we can come up with the best time and date for your exclusive use of the salon. We have different packages available and we’ve had parties with groups of five to 50 people. No matter how big or small, the use of our backyard always makes any gathering special and different.

Lily and Cata

This outdoor nail salon NYC is located in 72 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn

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