Model Grace Cotton Talks Swimming with Pigs and Being Addicted to Donuts

Grace Cotton

Whether she’s modeling for Louis Vuitton, starring in a magazine editorial or showing off her abs in a swimwear campaign, it’s hard to keep your eyes off of green-eyed beauty Grace Cotton. Originally from Melbourne, she’s called NYC and London home, and if her Instagram is any indication she’s probably jetting off somewhere right as we speak. We asked Cotton about her favorite modeling gigs, places to visit and how she keeps her skin looking great.

Job: Model

Heritage: Australian and African-American

How did you get your start as a model?
Grace Cotton: I’ve been modeling my whole life. As a child I did a few commercials for Target and a few Australian brands but it wasn’t until I was about 16 that I wanted to do it professionally. So I sent my images into a Melbourne agency called Scene and for four years I was working in Melbourne with them. After finishing high school, I decided to head to West Palm Beach to reconnect with my Dad and possibly find work out there. I remember I walked into Ford Models Miami and they signed me on the spot so from there the travel and exciting jobs really began.

What are some of the most memorable modeling experiences? 
My most memorable jobs to date would be a swimwear campaign I shot in the Great Exumas, Bahamas for a company called Lezard Swim. It was such a magical experience getting to shoot on pristine beaches and visit Pig Beach, definitely something I’ll never forget.

Grace Cotton

I also loved working in Palm Springs, California for the Louis Vuitton Cruise line 2016. We worked in the old Bob and Dolores Hope house which is this magical spaceship-style home, it was so surreal. The job was also rewarding in that it was the first high-end luxury brand that I had worked for. It was interesting and beneficial to see how they structure and organize these big events as I aspire to one day be a business woman myself.

My best tip to get a perfect photo is…
Best tip for a perfect photo is to smile! If you’re a serious person, that’s okay. Smile with your eyes instead.

My favorite beauty tips are (feel free to name products)…
For the past year and a half I’ve been using the Alpha-H Skincare range which I love! Their serums and Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask is a treat.

My biggest beauty disaster to date has been…
Oh gosh, I’ve been pretty fortunate in this department (touch wood) but my biggest beauty disaster to date was once in Milan I was getting ready for a casting and I had plugged my hair curler into this European socket, which turned out to be the wrong fit. It heated my iron so much that I ended up singeing off one of my long curls. It was a disaster but I guess it could have been much worse… Needless to say, I didn’t make it to that casting.

Grace Cotton

You travel a lot, what are some of the best places you’ve seen? Any places you didn’t expect to love but did?
Yes, I do travel quite frequently but mostly for work. A vacation I took with a group of friends in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands two years ago was beautiful and memorable. It was a magical time, we sailed on a yacht for two weeks exploring the Andaman sea. I also got my open water scuba diving license which was such a phenomenal experience and skill to acquire.

I also just recently got back from Thailand. My boyfriend and I spent the New Year there and it was just beautiful. We started in Phuket then went to Krabi and then back to Phuket. The untouched water and hippie culture we discovered in Krabi was such a nice surprise for us. But honestly the best part about Thailand was the Thai food and people. We spent so much time eating, I lost count of how many mango and sticky rice desserts I ordered, I even had it for lunch most days [laughs]. Also, the Thai people are like no other. They greet you with such peace and tranquility.

A place I’ve been but didn’t expect to love was definitely Haiti. I went there with some friends from Miami a few years back for Thanksgiving. We got to visit some orphanages there and spent Thanksgiving with those without families. It was immensely beneficial spiritually for me. It made all my worries and stresses seem so insignificant, I left with a heavy heart. But Haiti itself, the beaches at least were really beautiful.

My guilty pleasure is…
My guilty pleasure is Donuts! In particular, a place called Doughnut Plant in Chelsea, New York. If you haven’t tried them, you must go… They’re truly divine. Luckily I’m in London at the moment so I can’t be tempted.

My biggest pet peeve is…
My biggest pet peeve is when people cough and sneeze without covering their mouths and noses! Especially on the tube where there’s no escape.

What’s something new you want to try in 2018?
Something new I want to try in 2018 is exploring different types of yoga. I’ve always been into yoga (Bikram specifically) but I’d like to try Kundalini next.

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