Asia Beauty Haul: The Good, The Bad and the Weird

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Asia Beauty Haul

It’s always fun to explore beauty stores in other countries and on a recent trip to China, I treated myself to a full haul of goodies. I purchased most of the products at Miniso, a Japanese retailer, but also found some cool products at Chinese department stores. Of course I bought a variety of sheet masks which are super popular in Asia (and becoming more popular in the U.S.), and also got a few other products made with ingredients like charcoal, green tea and snail mucus. Find out what I purchased (and what you should consider getting when in China) with my Asia beauty haul review.

Asia Miniso Beauty Haul

1. Aloe Spray
This is the perfect mist spray. There are sprays out there from brands like Evian or La Roche-Posay that are just thermal water sprays which are great to refresh or cool off but can be drying once the water evaporates. This spray contains soothing aloe which helps moisturize your skin but the spray goes on clear like water. This product is ideal for hot and dry environments.

Miniso Aloe Spray

2. Green Tea Mask
Green tea is great for skin that is irritated or generally exhausted (think Sunday evening after a big Saturday night out). This Miniso sheet mask is perfect for when you’re too lazy to do a full skincare routine but know your skin needs the extra help. Put it on your dry skin for 15 minutes to let it soak in, then massage in all the green tea goodness. It’ll put your complexion back on track.

Miniso Green Tea SheetMask

3. Snail Mask
We already told you that snail mucus was going to be one of the biggest skin care trends of 2017. Indeed the slimy goodness really perks up and brightens your skin. You should definitely try it at least once and this sheet mask makes your slug encounter super easy.

Asian Snail Mask

4. Questionable Eye Mask
I couldn’t not get this eye mask with its Catwoman-esque appeal. The problem is, I have no idea what’s in it and I still don’t. I will say though it has some great skin-reviving and tightening qualities — it’s a great product to prep skin before applying an elaborate eye makeup look.

5. Blackhead Strip
Remember when Bioré blackhead strips were all the rage? I thought that’s what I was buying when I got these Miniso nose strips. They’re a little different though, they are not very adhesive and need to be dampened with water then applied to your nose. Once on your nose they become slightly sticky and release charcoal which blackens your nose slightly. Pull off and wash off and you can see your blackheads minimized. It also smells incredible — like fresh French laundry.

Miniso Blackhead Strips

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