Great 8: Tania Cascilla’s Favorite Skincare and Beauty Products

Tania Cascilla

When I met Tania Cascilla a.k.a. Darling Tee at an event in New York City recently, I instantly noticed her impeccable style (she is a fashion blogger after all) but then my face gravitated to her bold red lip and perfectly tousled hair. I knew this was also a woman who had an encyclopedic knowledge of beauty and would be perfect for this “Great 8” column. I was right — Cascilla has sampled a world of skincare, makeup and fragrances to find her absolute favorites. Here’s what she had to say:

1. Amorepacific Time Response Skin Reserve Crème
This is a bit of a splurge but I feel like my skin is my best feature — my best accessory, if you will. I don’t care what I wear but if my skin doesn’t look good, I don’t feel good. This moisturizer has green tea and is good for hydration. It makes my skin feel flawless when I use this. I don’t wear makeup as much as I used to, only when I go to a party or event. What really made me notice how good this moisturizer is, was when other people started noticing my skin. People were asking “do you have a new man?” or said “you’re glowing! I was like “no new man, just moisturizer” [laughs]. My skin has a fresh, dewy glow when I use this. I have eczema issues on my face and Amorepacific always uses good ingredients which helps calm my skin.

2. Drunk Elephant C-Firma™ Day Serum
This firms and brightens my skin which is two things I really need. It has pumpkin extract in it and I use it every day. Sometimes I use it as a moisturizer on its own or underneath a moisturizer. I like the glow that it gives my skin — I like putting this on at night before I go to bed because I wake up luminous.

Tania Cascilla Darling Tee

3. Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask
I like sleeping with this one. You’re supposed to put it on and wash it off but I like to keep it on overnight. If my skin is irritated or feels itchy or try, it has a nice soothing effect. I wash it off in the shower and my skin feels really smooth after.

4. LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask
I thought this would be overrated because I heard so many people talk about this product. I also thought “I don’t need to spend $20 on a lip balm, my lips are fine.” As I’ve gotten older my lips have gotten chapped more easily and it’s cold here in New York. I got this at an event and I was like “wow, this really rocks.” It’s not overrated and it’s really good — your lips feel really supple after.

5. L’Oréal Nourish & Soften Cocoa Scrub
This is less than $10 at CVS but it’s great, it’s not a harsh scrub and it’s hydrating. I’ll put this on before I go in the shower and my skin will feel so soft after. I can pick it up at any drugstore if I run out, and a little bit goes a long way.

6. L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil
I think everyone loves this oil — I really like how it leaves an almond scent lingering on me. It gives my skin extra hydration, especially in the winter. I also love their shower oil smoothie — I use both of them. The smoothie is better for the colder months and the oil is better for the summer. It’s what your skin really needs living in New York.

7. Byredo – Bal d’Afrique
This is probably something that’s a lot of people’s favorite. It’s sexy, fun, and unisex — a lot of men like it too. I also really like the candle, it smells nice but it’s not one of those overpowering scents.

8. Proud Flesh Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Brazen
I love a red lip. I only wear matte reds but sometimes they are too messy. I don’t like a red where if I’m drinking or go out to eat something it ends up on my nose or cheek. I don’t want to worry — if I kiss someone, I don’t want it to be on their face. This one is smudge-proof but it’s not dry either. It’s a nice red that really pops, it’s really bold but it doesn’t move. I love that!

Tania Cascilla Darling Tee

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