Dinner Deluxe: The World’s Craziest Private Dining Tables

Private Ocean Dining Four Seasons

It’s almost Valentine’s Day which means one thing for most couples — a big date night ahead. Millions will flock to restaurants on February 14 in search of a few romantic hours spent together. However there are dates, and then there are dates, as in once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I’ve selected a few extraordinary dinner tables around the world which guarantee complete privacy, incredible scenery and the best service. No need to worry about another couple getting in an argument next to you — there will be no other couple anywhere in your vicinity at these exclusive spots. Here are the craziest private dining tables money can buy.

1. Four Seasons Landaa Giravaruu – Mid-Ocean Table For Two (Pictured Above)
Sure, it’s nice to have dinner by the water but let’s take things to the next level. How about dining in the water, as in the middle of the ocean on a floating platform? That’s something you can do in the Maldives at the Four Seasons Landaa Giravaruu. Here you can have a candlelit dinner served by boat surrounded by the sound of the water rippling around you.

2. Blue Room
This experience will set you back a cool $20,000 but that price guarantees a meal unlike any other in an ice cave. First, you’ll fly in by helicopter over mountain ridges, snowy forests and ice fields. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a flute of Krug Champagne and then enter the cave taking in the spectacular ice structures and chambers it holds. Settle in for a decadent lunch which features caviar, oysters, truffle, and ribeye. Four Seasons Executive Sous Chef David Baarschers serves up the best the culinary world has to offer with the dramatic backdrop of an icy cave.

Treepod Dining - Photo by Paul Raeside

3. Soneva Kiri – Treepod Dining
Enjoy a very exclusive meal high above the Thai jungle when you book Soneva Kiri’s Treepod. It’s suspended approximately 20 feet off the ground for you and your honey to have brunch, lunch or dinner overlooking trees and the ocean. A waiter will zip line to your private dining destination bringing in delicious dishes like shrimp in coconut sauce or fish served in banana leaf. This is an elevated meal you won’t forget so easily. (Photo by Paul Raeside)

Fondue Express

4. Ocean House – Fondue Express
Have an intimate dinner in a gondola when you eat at Ocean House’s Fondue Express. This tony Rhode Island hotel launched this delicious pop-up late last year in a repurposed ski lift car. Here you can pick from Swiss dishes like traditional barley soup, fondue, and raclette. The pop-up restaurant fits four but is ideal for an intimate dinner for a couple.

Cable Car Sky Dining

5. Cable Car Sky Dining Singapore
The gondola doesn’t move at Ocean House so if you would like the actual experience of being in a moving cable car, head to Singapore’s Stardust Cabin. Here you can have a four-course meal while soaking up Singapore’s spectacular skyline. There’s even an option to have the cabin decked out in flowers if you really want to set the mood for a private dining experience.


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