Brown Skin Tones: Why You Need this Invisible Sunscreen Mist

Brown Skin Tones Sunscreen-Mist

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People with brown and deep skin tones are familiar with this problem; you apply sunscreen and your skin is veiled in a white cast that makes you look like a whole different person. Your SPF doesn’t really seem to blend and just sits on your skin, multiple shades lighter than you. If you’ve been personally victimized by face SPF sunscreens in the past, there’s a product that will completely change your views on sunscreen. This spray sunscreen for your face is perfect for brown skin tones.

It’s called Sunny Side Up SPF 30 Mist and it’s by Swiss-Made, Singapore-based skincare brand Yours. Not only does this product not leave the dreaded white cast, it’s also not greasy, non-comedogenic and filled with antioxidants. This water-based, broad-spectrum sunscreen face mist contains Swiss Buddleja flower extracts and goes on clear, refreshing your skin in the process. It can be worn alone or makes a great sunscreen spray over makeup. It also doesn’t just protect from UV damage but also protects your skin from blue light emitted by screens.

To use, shake before spritzing, close your eyes and mouth, and spray half an arm’s length away from your face. If you’re not a direct face mister, you can also spray your hands and then apply to your face. Three to four pumps is the ideal amount to use of this sun mist. Sunny Side Up comes in a fun yellow bottle that’s super easy to carry around and re-apply during the day.

Brown Skin Tones Skincare

Brown Skin Tones Skincare from Yours

Aside from the sunscreen mist, Yours has an array of other skincare products well-suited to brown skin tones and women of color. You take a skincare quiz to get just right the products for your lifestyle and skin type, and their skincare products are sent in a personalized box to you.

Here are some of the products we sampled:

Drop of Perfection – Daytime Serum

Start your day out right with this lightweight correcter made with alp sebum, sebocea, and sunsil oieo. This powerful combination of ingredients helps shrink the appearance of your pores and creates a matte finish. This product is great if you have acne scars as it helps the healing process.

Dew Date – Daytime Moisturizer 

This balancing moisturizer hydrates your skin with ingredients like squalene and Vitamin E. It’s easily absorbed by your skin and helps it look beautiful throughout the day. Apply this to your skin and don’t forget to spritz some Sunny Side Up before you leave. It’s always important to use SPF, even on cloudy days or when you’re mostly indoors.

Drop of Youth – Nighttime Serum 
This gentle retinol serum is perfect for your nighttime routine, even if you’re a first-time retinol user or have sensitive skin. It’s filled with antioxidants and slows down the aging process by refilling fine lines and preventing wrinkles. This product uses Uttwiler Spätlauber (a Swiss apple), matrixyl, and ameliox to help refresh your skin overnight.

Milky Way – Night Cream

This night cream is made with ruby extract and poppy cells which help stimulate your skin’s repair process while you’re sleeping. You’ll wake up with a natural rosy glow and quenched skin when you use this night cream.

Yours uses highly effective ingredients and antioxidants in all of their products from their sunscreen mist to serums to creams. All of their products are very brown skin tones friendly absorbing well into skin and protecting you from environmental pollution and free radicals.

Which Yours product are you most interested to try? Let us know in the comments.

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