6 Indie Women Of Color-Founded Beauty Brands to Try in 2020

Melissa Butler

By Mimi Alas

We’re obsessed with beauty and skincare products and we love finding new brands that do wonders for our face. You too, right?

Since we’re always looking for the best recommendations for our readers, we want to share with you some women of color-founded beauty brands that we love, to pamper and beautify yourself in 2020. Let’s check them out!

1. The Lip Bar

Founder: Melissa Butler

What their products do: The Lip Bar is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that’s inclusive and empowering, celebrating diverse beauty and individuality.

What inspired them: The Lip Bar was born on Butler’s kitchen after she realized the beauty industry often makes women compromise their health with toxic ingredients and after noticing there weren’t many options for the perfect nude lipstick for women of color. She wanted to change beauty standards and create an inclusive industry.

Best-selling product: Bawse Lady Liquid Matte Lippie 



Vive Cosmetics

2. Vive Cosmetics

Founders: Joanna Rosario and Leslie Valdivia

What their products do: Their products celebrate and represent Latino culture with rich and vivid tones that flatter olive and brown skin tones. They also have long-lasting lipsticks that they call beso-proof a.k.a. kiss-proof.

What inspired them: Vive Cosmetics was inspired by the lack of representation of Latino culture in the beauty industry. The brand founders couldn’t relate to the voice and models of other beauty brands since they didn’t really represent what being Latina means.

Best-selling product: Que Matte Liquid Lipstick in Spanglish

3. Brand: Unsun Cosmetics

Founder: Katonya Breaux

What their products do: Unsun Cosmetics specializes in natural sun protection. Their products feature high levels of sun protection (SPF 30) and don’t leave a white residue like other brands, something which looks particularly unflattering on deeper skin tones.

What inspired them: Breaux was inspired after spending most of her 20s looking for the perfect sunscreen for her skin tone. Growing up she realized the importance of protecting her skin and the impacts of sun damage. More than just creating a beauty product she wanted to create something that could protect her customers’ health.

Best-selling product: Mineral Tinted Sunscreen in Medium/Dark 

4. Brand: Base Butter

Founder: She’Neil Johnson

What their products do: Base Butter is a brand created with the purpose of helping women achieve radiant skin and reshaping the beauty experience. It encourages women to become smart consumers and know what ingredients they’re putting onto their skin.

What inspired them: Johnson was inspired by the idea of creating a community of smart shoppers that love to learn about skincare and taking care of themselves.

Best-selling product: #1 Radiate Face Jelly

5. Brand: Golde

Founder: Trinity Mouzon

What their products do: Golde products are focused on wellness and feeling good, using single-origin turmeric, the famous root well-known for its healing and beautifying powers. They help consumers not only with their skin but also with digestion. Some products can be ingested while others can be applied to the skin.

What inspired them: Trinity was inspired by the idea of making wellness accessible to everyone but also offering high-quality products that work for anyone interested in beauty, self-care, and looking/feeling good with natural ingredients and properties.

Best-selling product: Original Tumeric Tonic

6. Alamar Cosmetics

Founder: Gabriela Trujillo

What their products do: Alamar Cosmetics is a Latina-owned and operated brand that offers high-quality products at an affordable price. They have a wide range of products for face, eyes, lips and makeup tools like brushes.

What inspired them: Gabriela Trujillo, a renowned makeup artist, was inspired by the lack of representation in the industry. She wanted to offer high quality, cruelty-free products that could be affordable to everyone that loves makeup.

Best-selling product: Reina del Caribe Vol. 1 Palette

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