Well-Traveled: Style Icon Jessica Wang Shares Her Favorite Photo Destinations

Jessica Wang

Fashion darling and jetsetter Jessica Wang is the definition of traveling in style. Whether she’s checking into a new NYC hotel, relaxing on the beach in Mexico or sitting pretty in a gondola in Venice, her outfits are always impeccable and her Instagram captions hilarious. Waking up to one of her fun, colorful looks is all the motivation you need to dress yourself up that day and you also just might want to book your next trip after seeing her in a tropical locale. I recently interviewed Wang for Forbes where she shared her favorite places to spot cherry blossoms in Japan, which made me want to find out more about her general travel style. A mom of two gorgeous girls, Wang certainly knows how to plan a solo or family trip with the right wardobe to match. Here she shares some travel, style and beauty tips with me.

What’s your unique take or point of view when it comes to travel?
Jessica Wang: Traveling is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and see how vast the world truly is. I’m all about exploring like a local, whether that means eating at a hidden gem or discovering the most unique spots a place can offer. I also love learning about new cultures and capturing them in an unexpected way before sharing it with my audience.

Jessica Wang

What are some of your most memorable travel experiences? Where did you go and what did you see/do?
Cinque Terre, Italy, Provence (pictured above), France, Greece and Portugal are some of my favorite destinations, but the most memorable trips involve my kids. This year, we went to Barbados and the Bahamas. It was so memorable because they’ve grown so much, so it’s easier to get around and try new experiences. From swimming on their own to petting flamingos, it was not only beautiful but so relaxing.

What are your 5 favorite beauty products to travel with?
Hydrated skin is so important and I swear by Tata Harper’s essence which doubles as a mist — perfect for on the go. I’m also never without sun protection while traveling. I love La Prairie Sunscreen SPF 50. Other favorites include Tom Ford Lumiere Lip Balm, Dr. Jart sheet masks, M-61 Fast Blasting Cleansing Cloths and Make Up For Ever HD Concealer (it keeps me looking wide awake even when I’m jetlagged and exhausted).

How do you make sure that your beauty products arrive at your destination intact?
I use a train case organizer I found on Amazon, which comes with different compartments for you to keep your products organized. The rigid, durable construction prevents breakage in my check-in luggage.

What are some other travel hacks/tips that you have?
Stuff your undergarments or swimwear into handbags to save space and maintain the shape of your bag. Be sure to keep valuables like expensive jewelry and hard drives in your carry-on. Finally, if you don’t have Global Entry, download the Mobile Passport app — it allows you to submit your passport and customs declaration info and bypass the regular line to enter the U.S. when you return.

What’s it like to travel with your two daughters? What are some things that make traveling with kids easier?
Traveling with kids is not always easy, but you can make it work. We always bring small toys, coloring books, and tablets to keep the kids busy and entertained. If your kids have a comfort item they can’t live without, such as a blanket or stuffed animal, it’s probably a good idea to bring it along. Snacks and disposable hand wipes are also essential.

Jessica Wang Cherry Blossoms

Your husband takes all of your photos, what’s it like working with your partner? Spending so much time together, how do avoid getting on each other’s nerves?
My husband and I really complement each other — he’s calm, patient, and creative while I’m more outspoken and energetic. Although we spend a lot of time together, we also spend time apart since he doesn’t come with me on every single trip. At the end of the day, it comes down to respecting each other’s personal space and having boundaries, which we’ve been able to work through over the years. Though we drive each other mad sometimes, I can’t deny that he’s been a huge blessing.

Your husband got in an accident while abroad this year. We often only see the fun side of travel but how did you deal with a challenging situation while traveling? What advice do you have for unexpected/difficult situations while abroad?
I don’t think you can ever be fully prepared for difficult situations, and no one ever wants that. It’s more important to be flexible and constantly remind yourself that the situation isn’t permanent and that it’ll pass. Having the support of family and friends is also tremendous. My advice would be to have someone you trust and can talk to, it always helps!

Jessica Wang Italy

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