Well-Traveled: Francesca Murray of One Girl, One World Will Help You Plan Your Next Trip

Francesca Murray

Six years ago, Francesca Murray launched her website One Girl One World to document her passion for travel and provide lifestyle tips for millennial women. Based in L.A., Murray is a Caribbean travel expert (she wrote a guide about Martinique) and also gives advice about topics like group travel or natural haircare while on the road. If you’re someone that likes to skip the tourist masses, Murray has plenty of insights for you — she frequently spotlights lesser-known spots that are just as beautiful as the most famous travel destinations.

Keep reading to get some insider travel tips from Murray and find out which beauty products she can’t travel without.

What is your site One Girl, One World about? What’s your unique take on travel?
Francesca Murray: One Girl One World is a place where millennial women can go to seek not only travel advice, but advice on how to build their own brand as an influencer, lifestyle tips, and beauty hacks. The website is currently expanding, but at the root of it, we’re all about inspiring women on the go living their best lives and equipping them with the tools to do so.

What are three of your favorite places you’ve visited and why?
It’s so hard to choose just three favorites, but I will narrow it down by destinations I love to go back to over and over again. Barbados is one of my favorite Caribbean islands, and I’ve been several times now. My first time was with my boyfriend and we just loved how down to earth the vibes are and how beautiful the beaches are. My favorite solo destination is Italy, and I can’t pick a city until I’ve seen all the spots on my list. My all-time love is Paris; for the food, culture, people, and the Eiffel Tower.

Francesca Murray Eiffel Tower

In one of your articles you write about skipping the Maldives and going to Anguilla instead, can you tell me more about that?
Yes! I am all about looking outside the ordinary and seeking unique destinations as a travel blogger. At the time, I noticed that hundreds of bloggers were showing off luxury villas in the Maldives, and I wanted to counterbalance that by showing that there are islands that are equally as beautiful, and way more accessible to the average millennial traveler.

Anguilla is small which still gives it a sense of exclusivity but the people are so down to earth that you never forget you’re in the Caribbean. The water is some of the clearest I’ve seen, and Shoal Bay has been voted one of the best beaches in the world multiple times.

What are some other “swaps” you would suggest?
If you can’t make it all the way to France, try Martinique. It’s a French territory with the same laws, language and similar culture with Caribbean flair.

Is there a place you’ve traveled to you didn’t like? Why?
I’ve been fortunate so far. I haven’t been to a place I don’t like, but I am also very careful about how I choose my destinations. I research travel blogs like crazy and consult locals as much as possible.

What suggestions do you have to take the perfect girls trip?
Have several talks before leaving! Iron out plans, travel styles, budget constraints, and desires before hopping on a plane. The last thing you want is to arrive and realize you’re a night owl and your travel partners like to be in bed by 9 pm.

What are five items you need to pack on every trip?
Sheet masks, I love the green tea and ginger sheet masks from Purlisse. For a more luxe experience, La Mer also makes amazing sheet masks. They’re extremely hydrating and feel like five minutes in paradise. For hair products, I carry a small bottle of pure argan oil as well as my favorite products of the moment along with my portable T3 dryer.

It’s a tough time for travelers during COVID-19, how are you keeping busy?
I finally have time to sort through all my previous travel footage. It’s been fun creating fresh content with what’s already in my archives.

What’s the first place you want to travel to when stay at home orders are lifted?
The Caribbean.


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