Luz Astral: Aligning Astrobeauty, Manifestation, and Empowerment in Her Community


Astrology plays a big role in many people’s lives. That’s why Luz Astral has made it her goal to help her community understand the importance of horoscopes, planning for celestial events, and introducing Astrobeauty to the followers she has cultivated through her authentic experiences, workshops, classes, and meditation sessions.

Luz Astral’s informative platform aims to help her followers navigate astrology, the meaning of their signs, and how to find which trends and rituals work best for them. We reached out to Astral to learn more about the start of her passion for astrology, what her community means to her, and how she started sharing her popular Astrobeauty calendars and practices.

Tell us about yourself and where you grew up. Did your Puerto Rican background inspire your current work?
Luz Astral: Growing up in New York City, with Puerto Rican parents, I was taught early on that there was something magical about the stars and astrology. Watching Walter Mercado on television as a child was a huge inspiration of mine. My mother and I used to watch in our home, and we knew the moment he came on it was time to be very quiet. His tagline at the end of each show, “con mucho, mucho amor” meant “with much much love.” Love dictated every person’s life he touched with his visionary work. I intend to let his example lead mine.

How would you describe what you do?
My work is deeply personal. I write about astrology and use storytelling as a way to help others understand the stars and their influence over our lives. I openly share my triumphs, successes, and losses because we can all relate to the struggle and the dream.

How did you first become interested in astrology, healing practices, and birth charts?
I was born into a long lineage of Mujeres Sabias — wise women. My mother used to read La Taza de Cafe but she insisted that I learn to “tirar cartas” (throw cards). She believed that this was my “don” (gift) due to “una gitana que andaba conmigo” (a gypsy spirit guide). She gifted me my first deck of Baraja Española when I was 14 years old and began to give me lessons at the kitchen table. This is also where she encouraged me to integrate astrology. She taught me the basic zodiac signs. It was my mother who laid the foundation. She saw the gift and nurtured it.

What kinds of practices help you most during your busy days? In what ways do you put yourself first when you’re busy engaging with your following, planning engagements, etc.?
I begin every morning with a prayer at sunrise. I call on God, my ancestors, spiritual guides, and protectors in the astral realm to guide and protect me as I do my work. In my practice, it’s not me who is doing the work. I am just the channel through which the light flows and this includes my astrological writings.

You have 15k followers on Instagram who love your content. How did it feel to gain such a following and how do you keep up with engaging with those who comment while practicing self-care and your lifestyle?
I’m super honored to have a following on social media. I firmly believe authenticity has been key. My community knows I’m going to keep it real with them. I share my wins but also my losses. Being spiritual doesn’t mean you won’t ever hurt. It just means that you have tools to help deal with and overcome the pain. I’ve also learned to set healthy boundaries and my community understands and supports this.

Your Instagram posts on energetically favorable dates for haircuts and beauty treatments are really informative. Can you tell us more about why readers might want to consider looking at astrology calendars and dates based on lunar energy?
There are many systems used to time hair cuts and lunar energy. Some use lunar dates, some lunar phases, and other zodiac signs. I use a combination of all three. The belief is that just like the moon has influence over the ocean and crops, it can also influence our bodies. Our hair strands are energetic receptors. You want to ensure that you are cutting these receptors during a time that is energetically favorable to increase health and good energy. Cutting your hair during a timeframe that is unfavorable could weaken us and make us more prone to losses and sickness.

There are also cosmetic advantages like faster and stronger hair growth. I would encourage women to begin at home. Ask your abuelas, madres, and tias if this a belief that is carried within the family. You’d be surprised what you’ll learn just by asking. I also include dates favorable for botox, injectables, and invasive surgeries in my Astrobeauty calendar. I post a new calendar each month on my Instagram.

How did you first start learning about how lunar energy and moon dates can help strengthen hair or help it grow fuller? Do these beliefs stem from previous generations?
I created the Astrobeauty calendar as a way to empower women to reconnect to the practice of cutting hair according to the rhythm of the Moon. This is an ancestral practice for many of us. In Puerto Rico (where my family is from) like other Latin American cultures, many of our abuelas used the farmer’s almanac. You’d find this in most homes. It was common for our grandmothers to time haircuts to the timing of moon phases. This was my introduction to lunar haircuts. I then went on to study astrology much further and deeper.

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