Kiki Barth Talks World Travels with Us

Kiki Barth

We first discovered Kiki Barth scrolling through her wanderlust-inspiring Instagram account. Originally from Haiti, her recent travels include Morocco, Norway, Jamaica and many more highly aesthetically pleasing locales. In each of her images she wowed us with both stunning pictures of herself and nature, so much so we had to find out more about her. We spoke to the model and world traveler about her career, the one beauty ingredient she can’t live without and her favorite places to visit.

What are some of the most memorable experiences you’ve had as a model?
Kiki Barth: I’ve had a long modeling career, which makes it difficult to pick just one favorite moment. However, the most memorable modeling experience I had was when I first got my first contract and started modeling in New York. I experienced firsthand how the industry works. It was then that I felt being a model was a legitimate and professional job. It was definitely worth the experience.

My best tip to get a perfect photo are…
Be yourself. Practice in front of the mirror, stand there, perfect your poses and learn how your body is shaped.

My favorite beauty tips are…
Sleep, sleep and more sleep. Also make water your best friend. My Haitian beauty tip is coconut oil — it’s everything to me. I use it to remove eye makeup, shave, moisturize, as a deep conditioner and for massages.

My biggest beauty disaster to date has been…
My biggest beauty disaster to date was when a makeup artist in the Bahamas decided to use super glue to put on eyelashes on me. I lost all of my lashes — to this day I am still missing some. They never grow back. It wasn’t funny until now [laughs].

Kiki Barth

You travel a lot, what are some of the best places you’ve seen? Any places you didn’t expect to love but did?
Yes, I have been fortunate enough to travel to some amazing places. Lofoten, Norway has to be one of the most amazing places I have ever been in my life — nature, food, beautiful mountains, and gorgeous beaches. I am so very pleased that I had the opportunity to experience Norway with someone that I love. I was left totally speechless when we arrived. Other places that are also very beautiful are the Maldives, Marrakech, and Zanzibar.

My guilty pleasure is…
My guilty pleasure is reality TV shows. I’ll stay in bed all day with the TV, a blanket, and ice cream. Sometimes my favorite thing to do is nothing at all.

People would be surprised to find out that I…
I hate vegetables, have seven tattoos, am obsessed with Frank Sinatra and I want to be an accountant.


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