Jhene Aiko Braids: How Hair Stylist Jazmine Harris Creates Her Signature Looks

Jhene Aiko Braids

Singer Jhené Aiko is famous for her beautiful braid styles and hairstylist Jazmine Harris is the person who makes them happen. She’s a mastermind of textured hair and has worked with Aiko since 2018 creating a variety of looks that have graced album covers and red carpets. From small braids to knotless looks to elaborate updos, Harris is a hair virtuoso. We spoke to her about her technique and what hair trends she predicts.

How did you get your start in hair styling and braiding?
Jazmine Harris: My passion for braiding started at a young age. I was working as an assistant in a salon before I was licensed. When I graduated cosmetology school in 2012, I worked as an assistant to a celebrity hairstylist doing braids for weave foundations and showing up on set and red carpets to maintain talent hair needs throughout the day.

What’s your unique take on hair? How can someone see it’s a Jazmine Harris creation?
My style of “knotless” braids with curls on the ends and specific parting patterns has been recreated by so many. I am happy to see my influences around the world.

How did you start working with Jhené Aiko? Can you tell us more about Jhene Aiko Braids?
Jhené’s sister Mila J was my artist for years before I met Jhené! Mila sent me a random text for availability for her sister. Soon, I found out the sister she mentioned was Jhené. That was 2017, I have been working with Jhené ever since then.

What are some of your favorite looks you’ve created together and how did they come to be?

These small braids are where we started.

Jhene Aiko Braids

This was the beginning of the large knotless braid look.

Jhene Aiko Braids

This is how the large knotless transformed into an iconic braid moment.

Jhene Aiko Braids

What are some things people should keep in mind when it comes to hair texture and braids?
Mixing textures. Sometimes our natural hair has different curl patterns, I have found that mixing patterns and textures while braiding will create more of a realistic look and feel.

What’s the best way to maintain braids and keep hair healthy?
Keeping them oiled and protected with a scarf.

What do you think about the evolution of braids in society? There was a time when they were considered unprofessional, do you think that’s changed?
I think that braids are the oldest never-dying trend in hair history. I know for some braids weren’t accepted but for me braids that were eclectic were always acceptable. I have focused on creating styles that were less ethnic and more eclectic from my start. The braiding trend has been very popular since the beginning of time throughout all cultures. I guess I’ve always noticed braids for being a spectacular one-of-a-kind privilege for most. Society has fantasies about the ancient trend and I’m here for it all.

What are some braids and hairstyles you think will be trending soon?
I think ponytails and braids, and curly weaves and braids together are on the rise. Also, short and textured box braids.

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