Your Halloween Costume Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Halloween Costumes Zodiac

2020 may be on pause, but Halloween is still happening! Whether you’re dressing up for a Zoom hang, or having a small night in with the girls, read on to find out which Halloween costume you should wear based on your star sign…

What Halloween costume should you wear according to your zodiac sign?

Aries Zodiac Costume

Image via Halloween Costumes

Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

You may not have time to craft an elaborate costume but lean into your fiery nature and add some devil horns to a red dress this year. You’ll still be the life of the party!

Wonder Woman Costume

Taurus (April 20th to May 20th)

This year there will be a rare blue moon in Taurus on Halloween night, so you’ll want a turn in the limelight. You’ll need an eye-catching costume that still stays true to your reliable nature; this is the perfect time to go as your favorite superhero character whether that’s Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn.


Gemini Zodiac Costume

Image via Party City

Gemini (May 21st to June 21st)

You love a group costume, so persuade (or bribe) some friends to team up with you and wear all pink in a nod to Mean Girls.


Cancer Zodiac Costume

Image via Halloween Costumes

Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd)

This year has been scary enough for your sensitive soul, so grab some plastic vines and some green eyeshadow and go as Mother Nature; you’ll feel soothed all night!


Leo zodiac costume

Image via Etsy

Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd)

Any occasion is an excuse for glitter for you! Embrace your sparkly side and go as your favorite pop diva; whether that’s Cher or Britney.


Virgo Zodiac Costume

Image via Spirit Halloween

Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd)

You want an easy costume this year, but you’re not one to break a theme, so pick up a pair of cat ears and draw on some whiskers – add a fur coat for a more fashionable take.


Libra Zodiac Costume

Image via Boohoo

Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)

Channel your fun side and bring the laughs by going as a Halloween staple: a pumpkin costume will liven up any event you’re attending.


Scorpio Zodiac Costume

Image via Tipsy Elves

Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st)

Spooky season is your season Scorpio! The classic witch costume was made for you; you can go low-key by just adding a hat or go all out as the Wicked Witch of the West (green face-paint and all).


Sagittarius Zodiac Costume

Image via Yandy

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

All you need to let your dark side roam free is two braids and a black collared dress… with your deadpan remarks, you’re the perfect Wednesday Addams.


Capricorn Zodiac Costume

Image via Tipsy Elves

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19th)

You like a staple costume, and probably have last year’s ready to go. Shake things up a bit and put your face-painting skills to good use by going as a monochromatic skeleton this year.


Aquarius Zodiac Costume

Image via Yandy

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th)

Fake fangs at the ready, and fake blood too if you want to go the extra mile; dressing as a vampire will give you a reason to wear your most unique outfit! You’re used to being the most individual person in the room, so make sure you let out your gothic side to really stand out from the crowd.


Pisces Zodiac Costume

Image via Yandy

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

Channel your water sign tendencies by going as a mermaid – you can add your own spin with glamorous, scary or even classic Little Mermaid make-up.

Featured image by Vincent Ledvina on Unsplash

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