Why You Should Add a Gua Sha Stone to Your Self-Care Routine

A Gua Sha stone is a multi-use skincare tool that’s held the attention of beauty aficionados for years. Like jade rollers, these tools have been used for thousands of years to beautify skin and provide relief from stress and discomfort. A Gua Sha stone can be used to tackle a variety of skincare concerns from puffiness to dark circles to tension to bloating and more. Gua Sha stones have also been used to treat stress and illnesses for many generations. Plus, they can be used with your favorite serums, lotions, facial oils, and are gentle enough for daily use.

Interested in adding a Gua Sha stone into your skincare and self-care routines? Ahead, we’ve outlined the benefits of this handy tool along with our favorite picks for you to try.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is an ancient East Asian practice that promotes lymphatic drainage and helps eliminate toxins, ease sinus pressure, de-puff skin, encourage blood flow, and ease tension. This tool can be used alongside creams, oil, serums, and moisturizers for a seamless glide across your neck, jawline, forehead, temples, knees, and wrists.

“Gua sha is an important Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice that uses a smooth, flat tool to massage, technically scrape, the skin’s surface,” explains Angela Chau Gray, co-founder of YINA, a beauty and wellness company inspired by Chinese Medicine.

“Clinically, Gua Sha has also been used to treat conditions such as fever, chills, coughs and even seasonal diseases like the common cold, collapse from heatstroke, and for either acute or chronic pain and inflammation,” says Ervina Wu, the other co-founder at Yina. “It may be performed by a trained practitioner, or for milder conditions, easily practiced at home.”

“When done properly, it’s one of the most effective self-care rituals to restore, stimulate and promote circulation, release tension, and reduce fascia adhesions,” says Wu.

Benefits of Using a Gua Sha Stone:

Gua Sha has been credited with many benefits and may help you:

Release jaw tension: A Gua Sha stone can be used to massage the jaw area to relieve pressure from stress.

Encourage lymphatic drainage: Through gentle massages, these stones can help encourage lymphatic drainage which helps drain toxins away from the face and other body parts.

Prevent fine lines: This practice has been used to prevent fine lines and wrinkles for many generations. When massaging your skin, be sure to use gentle upwards motions alongside a nourishing serum or facial oil.

Depuff skin: You can use these stones to gently massage your neckline, jawline, and cheeks to help ease stubborn puffiness and bloating.

Calm headaches: This tool can be used to gently massage your temples to help alleviate mild headaches. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you are experiencing intense headaches or migraines.

Our Top Picks:

Gua Sha Stone

1. Malaya Organics 
The Aventurine Jade Gua Sha from Malaya Organics is ideal for refreshing tired skin. This stone was designed to fit into your face’s natural contours, making it great for massaging the jawline, cheeks, and temples.

Gua Sha Stone

2. Yina
The Bian Stone from YINA is crafted with various ripples, notches, and curves. This stone is also large enough to massage your hips, arms, knees, and more. Use alongside a lavender-infused body lotion for a relaxing and spa-worthy massage.

Gua Sha Stone

3. Pink Moon
Pink Moon’s rose quartz tool is the perfect addition to your weekly self-care routine. This beautiful and easy-to-use tool works great for lifting and brightening your complexion, easing tension, and relaxing tired skin. Pink Moon also offers facial serums, massage oils, and hydrating mists for all your sculpting needs.

What’s your experience with Gua Sha been like? Let us know in the comments.

Image: Pexels / Pavel Danilyuk

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