Great 8: Makeup Artist Bex Campbell Tells Us Her Secrets to Healthy Skin and Hair


Makeup artist, beauty educator, and lash brand owner Bex Campbell has had a lifelong passion for all things beauty. After developing an interest in products going through her mother’s vanity as a child, the London-based beauty influencer went to school for cosmetics and went on to work as a makeup artist at London Fashion Week. Today she partners with many high-profile beauty brands and also recently launched her own lash company.

We asked this beauty connoisseur about her favorite beauty items, here are the skincare, haircare, and makeup products she can’t live without.

Bex Campbell Great 8 Beauty Products

1. OLEHENRIKSEN C-Rush™ Brightening Gel Crème
I’ve tried so many moisturizers over the years and this is the one product I finish and then buy again. I love the texture as it’s an oil-free moisturizer. My skin is oily but gets dehydrated; some products have oil-control but then they dry my skin out too much. This one hydrates and is a great base underneath makeup as well.

2. Like It On Top Skin Cleansing Oil
This brand is a relatively new black-owned company and their cleansing oil is vegan with a handmade formula. I use it in the evening before bed as the last step of my routine and it smooths out my skin’s texture. I get hyperpigmentation after I have a blemish sometimes for weeks or months and this product really helps fade it.

3. Benefit 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel
I used to have thinner brows and let them grow back — it took me forever to grow them out but at some point last year I was happy with them. I didn’t know what to use for my “new” brows initially, so I went to a store and got a recommendation for the Benefit 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel. At first, I was hesitant because it’s pricey, but it’s incredible, it sets your brows all day. It’s really good for grooming as you can brush your brows up and they won’t flop down after.

4. Fenty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation
There are so many shades of this Fenty foundation and I found the perfect color match for my skin. Also, it photographs so nicely! There are a lot of hydrating foundations that add sheen to skin but there are some that give flashback or add too much sheen. This one has a flawless finish and enough coverage which I find rare with dewy foundation.

5. Lip Gloss
I know this is kind of broad but I’m obsessed with lip gloss! It’s quick, on the go and makes a statement. The number one thing I look for in a lip gloss is the wand, if it has a teeny tiny wand then I don’t like it. I really like the experience of putting lip gloss on, I love how it glides over your lips. My favorite lipglosses are from Juvia’s Place and Fenty Glossbomb. Glossbomb has a nice wand, you can do one sweep and cover your whole lip. With Juvia’s Place the wand is chunky for a seamless onetime application.

6. Olaplex #3
I’ve been bleaching my hair for over nine years which is a long time. When I was younger, I worked in a hair salon and I would color my hair in all of these different colors. I realized I had to repair it and make sure I’m nourishing my hair. Olaplex #3 is a protein treatment that helps repair your hair’s bonds that break due to bleaching. You can use at home, outside of salon, it’s a protein treatment that helps repair your hair’s bonds that break due to bleaching. I sleep overnight with it in, it helps my hair have a nice curl pattern and ensures that my hair doesn’t fall out [laughs].

7. Fenty Skin Hydra Visor
I’ve been in beauty for a long time and know how important SPF is but I’ve always had a hard time finding the right one. Sometimes I’ve even skipped this step because a lot of the products I used were heavily scented or would leave a white cast on skin. Sometimes my skin would even look iridescent blue. Fenty Skin Hydro Visor applies super nice on skin and feels like a topper. It also works well under makeup.

8. ByBexCxmpbell Lashes in Lush
I launched a lash brand last month! I’m very specific about the lash I like and searched high and low for this one. I like a lash that you can wear during the day but then if you want to stay out and get drinks in the evening (who knows when that’s happening again) it’s versatile. It’s not too dramatic for daytime which is why they’re my favorite.

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