5 Fun Beauty Products You’ll Want to Try Now

GLOW RECIPE Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask Set

Beauty can be a serious and sometimes challenging undertaking, as anyone who’s ever tried to create a cat-eye in a dimly lit room would know. For all the precise and lengthy things, we do in the name of beauty (hello, 12-step Korean skincare routine) there are also much fun and easy-to-use products that can also bring a smile to your face in the process. Here are our five favorite playful beauty products to use in 2022:

1. Memebox – I Dew Care Cake My Day Hydrating Sprinkle Wash-Off Mask
Since it’s still very much winter, eating ice cream outside seems like something we won’t be doing for a while. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t enjoy some soft-serve-inspired skincare. Memebox’s I Dew Care Cake mask comes with fun rainbow sprinkles that are almost good enough to eat (but please don’t actually eat them), and is made with hyaluronic acid and squalene which will bless your skin with hydration and smoothness.

emebox I Dew Care Cake My Day Hydrating Sprinkle Wash-Off Mask

2. Glow Recipe – Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask Set
Since everyone around the world has a loving relationship with avocado it would only make sense for the green goodness to end up in our skincare. Glow Recipe has a great avocado antioxidant-filled mask that also features antibacterial manuka honey. Get their mask set and you’ll also get a cute sleeping mask emblazoned with – what else — an avocado. Imagine a night of avocado antioxidants beautifying your skin and restful sleep — what more can you ask for?

Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask

3. Kaja – Roller Glow Roll-On Highlighting Balm
Highlighter has become so popular in our skincare routine sometimes it feels like we’re just slathering it all over our face. Now, what if I told you there’s a highlighter that you can actually roll onto your face? Kaja has created a roll-on highlighting balm infused with ultra-reflective pigments and ruby powder. Just roll onto the part of your face that needs illumination and let the smooth texture melt into your face like icing on a cake.

Kaja Rollerglow

4. Hanacure – Multi-Action Treatment Mask
Have you ever wanted to know what you would like when you grow old? This multi-action mask from Hanacure tightens when applied to your skin, and can make you look a few decades more senior — temporarily. However, once you wash it off with warm water you’ll enjoy lifted, toned and radiant skin that makes for a youthful complexion, so your brush with old you is over.

Hanacure Facial Mask

5. Glossier Play Colorplay Colorslide
Paint your eyes the colors of the rainbow with Glossier’s newest release. Thes super pigmented, smooth gel pencils doesn’t crease, smudge or skip allowing you to get creative on your eyelids. Go wild with colors like Jumbo (a dark, ginger orange) or Early Girl (an eggshell blue) to make for eye-catching moments.

Glossier Play Technogel

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