4 Fragrance Influencers to Know If You Love Beautiful Scents

fragrance influencers

There are so many things to consider when it comes to picking out your signature fragrance. That’s why we’re grateful for the amazing fragrance influencers on social media that have dedicated their platforms to showcasing fragrances and educating us about notes, ingredients, and brands. From helping you figure out what scents suit you best to pointing out the best new releases, you’re sure to find new options to fill out your beauty vanity.

Here are four of our favorite influencers in the fragrance and perfume space.

1. Funmi Monet (pictured above)
Funmi Monet has amassed a large following on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok thanks to her down-to-earth commentary on popular fragrances. Scroll through her recommendations if you’re interested in investing in a signature fragrance or need help choosing between the latest releases.

How did you first start learning about fragrances?
Funmi Monet: My perfume journey started seven years ago when I was in graduate school. During that time, I worked in the perfume department for a major department store. I had the opportunity to attend dozens of classes and trainings that were hosted by brands to learn more about perfumes and how they were created.

What made you interested in sharing your fragrance knowledge with the beauty community?
The community that follows me on social media is interested in all things wellness and beauty. Fragrance has always been a passion of mine because I believe scent care is self-care. Curating a fragrance wardrobe that is suited to your taste and needs is the easiest way to elevate your mood so you can look, feel, and smell your best.

What is one thing you’ve learned while building a loyal audience?
While building my audience I’ve learned that people don’t always have to like the same fragrances you love to enjoy hearing and reading about how those fragrances make you feel. I try to integrate education and humor with my content so it can feel fun and engaging to those who come across it. I believe people at different levels of their fragrance journey can find something for themselves through my reviews and recommendations.

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@funmimonet Why wouldn’t I want to smell my best at home too? #perfume #fragrance #smelllikeasnack #perfumetiktok ♬ original sound – Mighty Bay

2. Melissa Nacional
It can be pretty risky to order a popular fragrance online without first smelling it in person. Melissa Nacional is a popular fragrance reviewer that explains the notes, ingredients, and layers of fragrances in extreme detail.

How did you first start learning about fragrances?
Melissa Nacional: I started learning about fragrances early in 2021. I posted my first Tiktok on January 20, 2021, and around that time I only had three scents in my collection. However, I wasn’t so much ‘learning’ about perfumes, but just stating my opinion on if I thought it was good to wear.

What type of content (reviews, roundups, first impressions) do you enjoy working on the most?
As of 2022, I’ve switched more to YouTube as my main platform instead of Tiktok, and my favorite kind of content to put out are ‘list’ videos where I give several recommendations based on a certain situation, season or personality (they’re more known as Top 10s). Another one of my favorites to record is videos with my sister where I get her opinion on fragrances in my collection. To me, she represents the people; the individuals that you’re more likely to encounter in the real world, so her honesty is much appreciated.

What made you interested in sharing your fragrance knowledge with the beauty community?
As a lesbian, when I used to look up fragrance videos on YouTube I’d feel out of place because many of the scents I happened to be interested in always had “for men” in the title, even if they were marketed as unisex. It was somewhat off-putting as a woman to hear ‘this is a fragrance for a man that does this….” or “if you’re this kind of man wear this…” in every video I watched. So I remember thinking to myself that I was going to post about fragrances from my perspective, which just happens to be from a queer lens, for anybody out there who might be like me. In my videos, I don’t refer to scents as either unisex, masculine or feminine because I don’t think perfumes conform to a certain gender. There are some men out there that are more feminine and women that happen to be more masculine, so making the fragrance conversation inclusive is a win-win for everybody.

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@melissanacionalTiktok won’t let me link anything so go to my YouTube for them. Layton, Elysium, Ambre Nuit, Tobacco Vanille, Tuxedo♬ original sound – IG: @melissanacional

3. Ijé Simon
Ijé Simon’s reviews and videos are dedicated to helping you find the perfect new fragrance. The beauty, skincare and fragrance influencer even calls herself ‘your perfume bestie’. Be sure to check out her videos if you’re interested in trying out an under-rated scent that no one else will be wearing or if looking for a recommendation for a bold date-night fragrance.

How did you first start learning about fragrances?
Ijé Simon: Growing up, my mum always had a bottle or two of perfume, and I always used to wear her perfumes because they always smelled so good. I couldn’t wait to grow up and start buying my own perfumes. I started collecting perfumes in university and here we are today!

What are some important things you’ve learned about picking out a signature fragrance? 
Figure out what kind of scents you like most, or if there’s a specific note you love. then try perfumes that fit that category until you find “the one”. For instance, I love fruity gourmands and I like vanilla-based perfumes.

What is one thing you’ve learned while building a loyal audience?
Show up consistently. Be yourself and have fun! Your tribe will find you.

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@ijesimonn If you’re looking for long lasting perfumes, these last all day on my skin and last several days on my clothes! #perfumetiktok #longlastingfragrance ♬ Ginseng Strip 2002 – Yung Lean

4. Christal Joy
Give Christal Joy‘s TikTok channel a scroll the next time you’re looking to replace an empty bottle of perfume. You’ll discover under-the-radar fragrances and detailed reviews about trendy new releases. Best of all, Joy creates aesthetically-pleasing videos that take us on a journey of what popular fragrances smell like as well as reaction videos, first impressions, and seasonal round-ups.

How did you first start learning about fragrances? 
Christal Joy: I was always interested in fragrances. However, I started to really dive into the topic during lockdown in 2020. It was kind of a hobby that turned into a real passion. I made lots of perfume shop tours and got to know the perfume community on social media platforms. That way I got to know other perfume fans on the platform TikTok. I got inspired to post content on TikTok about my perfume collection too!

What have you learned about cultivating a following on social media for a niche topic like fragrance? 
That literally anyone can get started and post content on social media about topics they’re passionate about. There will always be an audience for every niche topic like fragrance. As long as you’re authentic and post unique content, there will be people who will enjoy watching you. The possibilities to express and share your passions with others are endless, especially on TikTok.

What is a universal scent that you think works great on everyone? 
That’s a tricky question since taste differs from person to person, especially in terms of fragrance. However, I believe that vanilla scents are widely loved and vanilla is one of the most used notes in perfumery. So, you can’t really go wrong with a great vanilla perfume!

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@perfumejoy Tag your boyfriend, so he can take notes✍️ #fyp #perfume #valentinesday ♬ If you use this audio your hot – Humphy

Who are your favorite fragrance influencers to follow? Let us know in the comments.

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