Finger Curls: A Step By Step Guide to From a Curl Expert [Video]

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Defined curls can be at your fingertips — no really, perfect curls just a few minutes away by using your hands. Finger curls are created using a straight-forward styling method that twists and curls your hair with the help of your fingers and some styling cream.

To get the scoop on finger curls we enlisted the help of Kimberley Cowans (pictured below) founder of SKIMDO, one of the best curl creams on the market today. In a tutorial on how to use her product she also shows her signature finger curl technique which allows for her curls to last up to seven days. She’s been experimenting with this technique for over a decade so you know she’s good at it. “I wanted to see how I could encourage my curls to work as a team,” says Cowans.

How to Do Finger Curls

How to Do Finger Curls

Once I’ve applied SKIMDO Original Cream to very wet hair, I section my hair in two sides, tie them up in tight buns and clip them. I then start on one side, taking small even squares of hair (picture that you’re taking the surface area of a square rather than an oblong) and start twisting from the root around my index and middle fingers. As I twist, I move the hand in a downwards motion. You want as much slip as possible, so you enjoy it! After one side is complete, I move onto the other. Once it’s all done, I go through and check to see if I’ve missed any hair. I do the whole thing. Some people do random finger twists throughout, to add dimension to volume. I have a lot of thick hair, so I like to thin it out with finger twists. When I was little, people used to say my hair was too big for me! But I like to think of my little self as a mythical wondrous girl with magnificent hair.

How does your product SKIMDO enhance finger curls?

The formula was engineered to hold curls for up to a week, so it’s a marriage made in heaven for finger curling. The texture of the formula when applied to wet hair, is a beautiful slip, so you speed through your styling ceremony. The formula also adds a superb amount of elegant shine without greasiness, since finger curling creates solid surface areas that look incredibly healthy when they beam.

How long do finger curls last?

It depends on your hair texture and the health of your hair. I have porous, thick hair that shrinks a lot and has no color damage. When I use SKIMDO with my finger curls, it usually lasts 10 days. In that 10 days I will have worked out four times (boxing twice, pilates reformer once and two mat pilates sessions — all through the phone!) and with SKIMDO, my curls always work as a team.

What are the benefits of finger curls?

It lasts a long time between washes, it provides this divine weightiness so I can enjoy the swish and swing of my long hair. Another bonus is that it’s less knotty than if I didn’t do it.

Guide to Finger Curls

Photo via SKIMDO

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