Dyson Airwrap Long Barrel: 10 Hairstyling Videos With Useful Tips and Hacks

Dyson Airwrap Long Barrel

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Are you fed up with waiting and paying at salons to have soft, smooth curls? Do you wish you could just do it on your own? You can get a salon-style blowout easily with the viral hairstyling tool, the Dyson Airwrap. Now anyone can style big bouncy, silky curls without any specific expertise, especially if you use the Dyson Airwrap long barrel on long hair. We’ve selected some awesome hacks to style your hair with the Dyson Airwrap, let’s check them out.

Pre-Styling Tip:
The Dyson Airwrap works best on hair that is slightly damp, not fully wet.

10 Video Tips to Use the Dyson Airwrap and Dyson Airwrap long barrel

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1. Straight and Fine Hair
Typically, creator Celesta posts about handbags but makes an exception for this highly informative hair video with her Dyson Airwrap. In it, she shares that if you want to hold the curls longer on straight and fine hair, you need a Dyson Airwrap long barrel and hair spray too. But remember, use hair spray before styling the curls, not after styling them. Then pin the curls for about an hour; while waiting, you can apply your makeup. When you’re ready to go, unpin the curls, slightly finger comb them, and you’re on your way with gorgeous hair.

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2. Very Long Hair
This video is for women who are struggling with curling their very long hair. Creator Anna shows us that you need to have an anti-humidity hair treatment/spray like Color Wow Dream Coat. Apply it before styling on detangled hair, then comb with a paddle brush. Lastly, let the hair wrap on a Dyson Airwrap long barrel attachment of 1.6 inches and hold it for a few seconds. This will ensure defined curls on very long hair.

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3. Faux Curtain Bangs
This idea might surprise you all, gorgeous girls, but yes, you can create beautiful faux curtain bangs with a 30mm long Dyson Airwrap hair barrel. Stunning creator Afnan shows us how. Take your hair closest to your face that reaches up to your chin and comb it in a position that it falls on your face. Then curl your hair with the Dyson Airwrap in an upward motion. After that, use a hair roller to roll the curled hair and hold it at the front hairline. Apply holding spray to firm the shape you want to give it. Release hair, flip, and your hair will fall to frame your face beautifully.

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4. 7 Airwrap Tips
Creator Pam gives us 7 tips to help your curls stay longer when you use a Dyson Airwrap long barrel set. First, make sure the hair is damp, but the roots are dry. Second, apply mousse to lock curls in place. Third, use a round brush attachment for a frizz-free finish. Four, purchase longer barrels; these are slender, it will create tighter curls, so these stay longer. Five, use a cold setting on each curled section for five seconds. Six, when styling curtain bangs, opt for a wider barrel. Seven, apply hair spray on everything to keep it in place and locked.

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5. Dyson Airwrap on Curly Hair
Think big silky curls aren’t possible on your curly hair? They are with a Dyson Airwrap long barrel set. First, you need to use the dryer on wet hair until it’s damp. Next, use the Smoothing Brush from Dyson Airwrap set to make the hair at least 90 percent dry and straighten your hair in the process. Next, use the Dyson Airwrap long barrel attachment of 1.6 inches on each section of hair. Hold for a few seconds near the scalp working on each section, then finger comb hair.

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6. 0.8-Inch Barrel
If your hair almost reaches your elbow and isn’t very curly, using the 0.8 inches Dyson Airwrap long barrel attachment will be amazing. In this video creator Elisa Alyanna creates smooth curls that are not very large using this device. After using the Dyson Airwrap, comb hair with a wide-tooth comb then finger comb hair and separate the curls for a perfect blowout look.

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7. Beach Waves
If you have longer hair, creating beach waves can be a lot of work, but not with the Dyson Airwrap long barrel attachment. It works far better than a short hair barrel to define the curls on longer hair, especially at the ends. When you flip the hair, your beach waves will start feeling soft and bouncy too. But don’t forget to lightly moist the hair before styling.

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8. Reducing Frizz
If it feels like your hair is still a little frizzy after using the Dyson Airwrap long barrel set, you can use this method shown by creator Sara. Detangle hair and apply heat protectant on damp hair, then use the Smoothing Brush and make your hair 80 percent dry. Next use the hair wrap barrel working your way up until your hair is completely dry, then use a cold setting. Lastly, use little oil and move your hand all along the hair to smooth.

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9. Long Coarse Hair
The Dyson Airwrap long barrel attachment is very compatible with long, coarse hair, especially if you know the right way to use it. Dampen your hair and start wrapping the hair on the Dyson Airwrap from the ends towards the hair roots. Wait for a few seconds then release the hair. Push the curled hair towards the scalp with straight palm and pin curls there. Do this to all sections of your hair. Unpin all hair after one hour. Bring all hair forward by tilting your head, then flipping back hair for excellent manageable, soft curls.


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10. Dyson Airwrap Long Barrel Vs. Short
The final product using the long and short Dyson Airwrap barrels does not differ dramatically. However, curls with the short barrel are a little bit tighter, shorter and last a little longer than curls with long barrel attachment. On the other hand, long barrel attachment curls hair faster and dries hair quickly. You don’t need to care about adjusting hair back on the barrel when working on each hair section. You can quickly and easily style your hair with a long barrel vs. short hair.

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