Cold Weather Fashion: 6 Influencers Show Us Their Favorite Pieces for the Season

Kayla Seah

Fall is the most exciting season for fashion — cooler temperatures give way to layers, new statement pieces and exciting outerwear. I wanted to find out what the most stylish women are wearing this November before we head into winter and interviewed six fashion trendsetters about their absolute favorite pieces for fall. Read on to find out what their signature cold weather fashion items are.

Kayla Seah

1. Kayla Seah
My favorite fall fashion item is an oversized blazer, it’s one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. The oversized feel with a fitted outfit underneath is the perfect combination of feminine and masculine — I feel powerful and chic in a blazer. It goes perfectly with jeans, trousers or a casual dress for fall. It’s one of those pieces you can throw on over a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt and look very put together. Fall is definitely more inspiring for me, I love the different layers you can wear. In the summer I find myself getting sick of my outfits a lot more than in fall. There are so many more options in fall, all the coats and textures you can wear are endless.

Stella Simona

2. Stella Simona
My vintage Christian Dior Trench coat is my favorite fall item. I really love a good trench coat. You can throw it on with about everything and polish up any look whether it’s loungewear or a chic going-out ensemble. Plus it keeps you really warm. I tend to get a little edgier in the fall and play a lot with layers. In the summer I’m more feminine and play a lot with light airy silhouettes.

Kiitan A

3. Kiitan A.
A leather jacket is my fall must-have. It’s essential because it’s perfect to layer over any summer dresses that I’m not willing to let go of yet. And because it can be paired with anything from fancy dresses to jeans.

I just add more layers in the fall. Fall is much more fun to play around and get creative with pieces.

Christina Caradona

4. Christina Caradona
My suede and leather coat from 7 for All Mankind has been a real head-turner. I’ve never gotten so many compliments on a single piece before this one. The silhouette drapes over the body creating the perfect Fall statement coat. It’s the perfect balance between warm and breezy, a great transitional piece.

My style in the fall has a personal flair to it — my personality shines through more. I start playing around with shapes and textures and all my favorite fall hats come out of hiding!

5. Janelle Lloyd
My favorite fall fashion item is the shacket. It can be thrown over almost anything from jeans to dresses and makes you look instantly cool. I always go up a size or two for an oversized silhouette.

I try to make a gradual transition from summer to fall with my style. Layering long sleeves under dresses or topping a dress or tank with a blazer are some of my go-to transitional pairings. I try not to break out the sweaters until winter if I can help it.

LOJE Influencer

6. Loje
My favorite fall fashion item has to be a banging thigh-high boot. Boots are perfect for fall because they keep you warm, they are super cute and they are multifunctional when it comes to how you can style them. I love that you can wear them with jeans, a dress, and even a blazer! I think I definitely show my style more in the fall because I can layer outfits and really express myself. In the summertime, I’m freer and a bit more simplistic with my style.

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