Black Lives Matter: 18 Black Organizations to Donate Time and Resources To

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As Black Lives Matter protests continue, it’s become clear that this is no longer a moment but a movement. On top of peaceful protests, there are plenty of other ways to support the cause and help black organizations. Below, find a list of 18 funds to donate to. While the list by no means covers all black organizations, we’ve identified organizations and nonprofits who work tirelessly to provide funding, support, and resources for black lives. Even after the current climate evolves these black social justice organizations will continue to do the work to protect and empower black lives.

1. Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter was founded six years ago by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer. The organization works globally to eradicate white supremacy and increase local power in black communities. Current donations support the ongoing movement, while specific petitions work to #DefundThePolice.

2. Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
The video of the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police sparked the beginning of national outcry and outrage. Established by his brother, Philonise Floyd, the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund is aimed at helping the Floyd family and with legal fees.

3. Justice for Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor, who would have turned 27 on June 5th, was tragically killed by police in March after a home invasion. Although her case has been reopened,  a petition to have the officers involved charged and arrested can be found here.

4. Ahmaud Arbery Fund
This fundraiser was designed to assist Ahmaud’s mother; Ms. Wanda Cooper-Jones and her immediate family with financial support during this extremely difficult time and in their struggle for justice for the murder of Ahmaud Marquez Arbery.

5. Tony McDade Fund
A black LGBTQ person, Tony McDade was shot and killed by a police officer in Florida. A fund established in his name is dedicated to his family for memorial and funeral fees, as well as providing assistance.

6. The Okra Project
The Okra Project is a collective that brings home-cooked, healthy, and culturally specific meals and resources to Black Trans people. Recently established is a mental health fund in honor of Tony McDade, in order to help assist others in the Black Trans community who have long been victims of violence and brutality.

7. Black Trans Travel Fund 
Established by Devin Michael Lowe, a queer man of color of transgender experience, as a mutual-aid service that pays for safe travel for Black Trans women.

8. The Marshall Project
The Marshall Project is a nonprofit news organization that seeks to create and sustain a sense of national urgency about the U.S. criminal justice system. Partnerships and awareness with individuals and media organizations help spread the word, as do resources and programming targeted specifically towards the justice system.

9. Innocence Project
Created in 1992, the organization exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing, while also working to reform the criminal justice system in order to prevent future injustice. Donations are accepted to help the fund, as well as support the exonerated transition out of prison to the outside world.

10. The Bail Project
The Bail Project provides free bail assistance to low-income individuals who are legally presumed innocent, enabling individuals to return home while awaiting court dates. Donations are accepted to help bring individuals home across the country.

11. Know Your Rights Camp
This particular organization works to empower black and brown communities through employment, education, and tools that are necessary to become change-makers for the next generation. Established by Colin Kaepernick, the fund also provides legal assistance and resources.

12. Until Freedom
A social justice organization with two decades of experience fighting social and systemic racial inequality, their mission can be supported here. There is also a resource page listing additional ways to help take action for Breonna Taylor.

13. Color of Change
An online black social justice organization, Color of Change designs powerful campaigns to end practices that unfairly hold black people back. Their work in criminal justice, voting freedom and democracy, tech justice, and economic justice challenges and holds political leaders and corporations accountable. Donations are accepted here.

14. The Black Collective
The Black Collective is a community of black individuals dedicated to civic engagement and social justice through volunteer service. While meetings are typically held in person, they have transitioned to online virtual meetings due to COVID-19 each Saturday from 8:45 am-10 am.

15. LoveLand Foundation
Founded by Rachel Cargle in 2018, the foundation works to provide therapy and mental health resources for black women and girls.

16. 15% Percent Pledge
Started by Aurora James, founder of Brother Vellies, The 15% Percent Pledge is a recent initiative and call for major retailers to commit to a minimum 15 percent of their shelf space towards black-owned businesses. They are asking for individuals who would like to support to sign their petition.

17. Brittany Packnett Cunningham
As a co-founder of Campaign Zero, which works to end police brutality, Packnett Cunningham works at the center of social justice and culture. An active leader, her work is inspirational, and she continues to push for change daily. Donations for Campaign Zero can be found here.

18. Charlene Carruthers
A black, queer, feminist organizer, Carruthers is an active voice in the fight for justice and equality. As the founding national director for Black Youth Project 100, the organization works to improve the experience of black lives daily, with a variety of campaigns active. Carruthers is currently the founder and CEO of the Chicago Center for Leadership and Transformation as well. Donations for BYP100 can be made here.

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