The Best Beauty Tips I Learned From Beauty Influencers in 2018

Tyla Lauren Gilmore

This year I launched a new column, “The Great 8,” in which I ask beauty influencers about their eight all-time favorite beauty products. To be honest, I’m always really curious to find out what people love to use on their skin, hair, and body. There are thousands of beauty products out there to choose from, so it’s always nice to get the seal of approval from someone you know, especially someone who has a platform dedicated to beauty. This year I spoke to influencers Tyla Lauren-Gilmore, Micaela Verrelien, Pritty Persad, and Jasmen Khan — here are some of their best beauty tips.

1. Jasmen Khan, Best Undereye Concealer – Shape Tape Tarte Concealer
“This concealer is full coverage, pigmented and the perfect shade for me. I wear medium – if you have darker olive skin, medium would be perfect for you. It’s so matte that when I apply it I don’t even need to use a powder. It’s also good for highlighting and contouring depending on your skin tone. For my dark under eye circles, I need something that will hide them right away and this does the trick. It’s also really great for hiding hyperpigmentation.”

Read the full interview here.

Micaela Verrelien Beauty

2. Micaela Verrelien, Best Office-Friendly Palette – Fleshcolor Eye Shadow Palette
“Flesh is awesome, they make you look like you’re not wearing too much makeup. You could wear this to your boyfriend’s work holiday party for example, because it’s understated but still looks amazing. For me, it’s a mixture of Fenty Beauty meets Glossier.”

Read the full interview here.

Tyla-Lauren Gilmore

3. Tyla-Lauren Gilmore, Best Pre-Shampoo Treatment – Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme
“When I found this pre-shampoo treatment my life really changed! I only wash my hair once a week because if I don’t my hair will fall out. I use this before I shampoo; it’s my first step, I dampen my hair, then I put the elasticizer on and then I put on a shower cap for 15 minutes. Next, I shampoo and condition as normal. It helps with frizz, length, and it combats shrinkage. They have ones for coarse and dry hair. I love that you instantly see results. They also have different scents — the coconut one smells like a vacation.”

Read the full interview here.

Pritty Persad

4. Pritty Persad, Best Drugstore Makeup Wipes – OLAY Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths
“They really get off every ounce of full-faced makeup! I still cleanse as usual after but if I’m feeling lazy, it’s not necessary. I noticed a huge change in the texture of my skin after I started using these consistently and they’re also really great for travel because a big pack is so much lighter than wet makeup wipes. Oh yeah, and the price is unbelievable — 33 wipes for $6.”

Read the full interview here.


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