4 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2021 By Letting Go of These Things

2021 is a comeback year — it’s the year to take everything you’ve learned about yourself during quarantine; your hopes, your dreams, what makes you fed up, and start making money moves.

For some, that means seeking new employment opportunities and for others, it’s leveling up your business and becoming the entrepreneur you were always meant to be.

To truly make sure you’re making the most of your 2021 and taking your business to the next level, we’ve pulled together four tips from female business owners. They’re letting you in on the things you should have left behind in lockdown in order to grow your business (and your pockets).

Here are four things you need to let go of to grow your business in 2021 from powerful female entrepreneurs.

Rachel Hill

1. Rachel V. Hill, Marketing Strategist and Launch Manager

“You need to stop thinking that you cannot charge your worth, even if you’re just getting started. It takes the same amount of effort to sell a lower-priced product or service as it does to sell something more “high-ticket.”

You’re putting just as much work into creating and selling a product that offers value as any other expert or brand in your industry.”

Jodie Brim

2. Jodie Brim, Creative Director and Photographer of Jodie Brim Photography

“Every entrepreneur has something unique to offer and if you stop yourself from launching a new product or service because someone appears to have done it first or “better,” you’re wasting your opportunity to increase your revenue.

We each have a unique perspective and possess the abilities to live out our purpose. No one will think like you or do things the way that you do it.”

Vivienne Okafur
3. Vivienne Okafor, Branding and Content Strategist for Female Entrepreneurs, @thevoguide

“Sometimes when we’re starting out our business, we bring in the mentality that in order to make more money, we need to know how to do so many things. But the truth is, in order to grow you need to niche down into a specialty and focus on your zone of genius.

When you lose the idea that you need to know and do everything, you create space for yourself to be a master at one special thing. This allows you to become top of mind in the area that you’ve decided to specialize in because people will come to expect targeted, specialist advice or products from you.”

Shyne Webster
4. Shyne Webster, Founder, and Brand Strategist, Designed by Shyne

“Being perfect is impossible and won’t get your business anywhere. Business owners can do things with excellence without being “perfect” because excellence is just doing your best.

When you do your best in your business and forget about trying to be perfect in every way, it shows to your audience. Customers will see that you’re dedicated to solving their problems and know that you’re doing all that you can for them.”

If you let go of these four things, you’ll begin to create more opportunities for your business or side hustle to grow.

Featured photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

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