Red Lingerie: 10 Hot 🔥 Pieces You Need This Season

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There’s something very empowering about red lingerie. Wearing lace, delicate fabrics, and transparent pieces in a firey hue makes you feel extra confident and the color is incredible on all skin tones. Whether it’s for your partner or for yourself, red lingerie boosts your mood and confidence knowing you are wearing something sexy under your clothes.

If you’re looking for a sexy surprise, here are ten red sexy lingerie pieces perfect for the holidays:

1. Fleur Du Mal – Charlotte Lace Set
Red lace lingerie can be classy and this set really showcases that. The bralette can be used as a top, under a jacket, a blazer or even a vest. You can also wear it to be shown under a button-down shirt or a transparent top. Since it’s not padded, it’s more comfortable to wear.

2. Lindex Ella M Maya Set
Flowers are delicate and sexy at the same time as seen with this dark red lingerie set which consists of a bra and thong. The shape of the bra flatters everyone since it’s created to highlight the cleavage and make it the main focus of the look.

3. Bluebella Enya Leaf Detail Set
This red lingerie set can be worn under your clothes or for a playful time in the bedroom, since it includes a sexy red garter belt with a neck harness that’s removable. If you want to wear it under your clothes, we recommend you to wear it with clothes that aren’t too tight, since the cut-outs can be seen through sheerer clothing.

4. Fleur Du Mal – Roses and Thorns Embroidery Set
The demi bra cup is very flattering for smaller chests since it creates the illusion of more volume. The mix of red and green over transparent fabric gives off a sexy garden party vibe and with lots of little details, this lingerie set looks super fancy.

Red Lingerie Hanky Panky

5. Hanky Panky Naughty and Nice Boxed Thong Set
This set is the definition of naughty and nice since it includes two thongs, one in red lace, and the second one in black lace. One of the thongs includes a spicy little surprise, which is an open crotch. The lace is comfortable enough to wear as everyday underwear and the other one can be for a special occasion.

6. Fleur du Mal Violet Balconet Set
It’s the little details that make the difference, like with this Fleur Du Mal red lingerie set. Here the floral appliqués over the mesh fabric make it look adorable and sweet while keeping the sexiness on it. The bra has underwire cups, making it comfortable yet also very flattering for your decolletage.

7. Kiki de Montparnasse Bandage Bodysuit
Bodysuits are wonderful not only as lingerie but also to wear as a top on a night out. This lace piece is transparent enough to make it sexy but provides enough coverage to be worn as a top. We recommend you wear it with a pair of straight-leg jeans or pants (avoid skinny jeans) to keep the look classy and sophisticated. Keep your makeup, hair, and accessories simple, since the bodysuit is the star of the show.

8. Kiki de Montparnasse Tous Les Jours Set
Silky red lingerie is an instant classic and you’ll love this comfy, slinky set from Kiki de Montparnasse. One of the things we love the most about the set is the fact that the bra can be worn as a crop top since it’s long enough. Also, the high-waisted cut on the panties is very flattering for every body type, creating the illusion of a flatter stomach and a curvier shape.

9. Hunkemoller Brooklyn Lace Bodysuit
When thinking about sexy red lingerie, we often imagine a bright red color however other shades of red exist and still look sexy. This bodysuit is a dark red shade, which makes it extra intriguing. The V-neck cut also flatters the body, by visually cinching the waist, highlighting the chest, and making arms look leaner.

10. Coco de Mer Athena Set
The delicate embroidery of the set was made to resemble whimsical scallop shells. This red lingerie set looks fancy, timeless, and sexy enough to be worn under your clothes or with your partner in the bedroom. The soft fabric and the unlined bra makes it comfortable to wear under tight clothes but you’ll know you have a sexy surprise underneath.

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