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Toronto-based fashion and travel blogger Shantel Rousseau a.k.a. Simply Shantel presents us with style year-round, whether she’s in overknee boots braving the Canadian chill or chilling on the beaches of Panama. Aside from showcasing fashionable outfits and destinations, Rousseau also posts helpful tips such as where to find the best vintage stores in Toronto, how to style wide-legged pants, or how to be the perfect holidays hostess. We caught up with Rousseau to find out her favorite trends this spring, how she got her start as a blogger and her favorite skincare ingredient to achieve a beautiful complexion.

What made you first start your blog?
Shantel Rousseau: I started my blog after dabbling in social media for a while (both informally and as an intern) knowing that I had my own voice that I was hiding behind. I studied Fashion Business and Beauty in Post Secondary, so it was a natural progression.

What’s your unique take as a blogger?
Simply Shantel is life and style content for the global-minded, cultured woman. She’s the woman who’s creating a life that feels good and looks good, whether she’s in Toronto or Tokyo.

Simply Shantel

What are some of your favorite trends this spring?
Some of my favorite spring trends are definitely “ugly athleisure” — cue the dad shoes [laughs]. I love it even though I will likely play it pretty safe with that one. I’m also loving yellow (which is rare for me), logos, and rural-inspired clothing from high-end brands like Chloé or fast fashion like Mango.

You love to travel, what are some of the favorite places you’ve gone to and why?
So many places… Through and through, I’m a city, cosmopolitan type of woman so Tokyo, NYC, Dubai and London, but I also adore Cannes and the Azores for their coastal charm.

What do you love about living in Toronto?
Hands down, the diversity. No matter where you are from — your community is here.

What are some of your favorite beauty tips?
A blue-undertone red lipstick looks good on everyone! Oh and begin integrating retinol/retinoids into your skincare routine — game-changer. It’s a Vitamin A derivative that increases cell turnover and helps with a bunch of different skin issues — truly a one size fits all.

What are you some of the projects/ideas you’re working on in 2018?
2018 has already been a phenomenal year to me but further defining the SimplyShantel brand with stronger content in terms of getting more creative with my photography and pushing my own boundaries to create interesting pieces of work. I’m also interested in building long-term partnerships! Public speaking will be a core focus as well. Everyone has a story and I want to explore different ways of telling mine, public speaking is the next best thing!

Simply Shantel

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